August 08, 2007

Sport Projections NFC East Preview

Loyal bloggers from each NFC East team have contributed to our 2007 NFC East Football Preview. They created a preview for their teams, a win-loss prediction for each game, predicted their team MVP, and projected the final standings in the NFC East for this upcoming season. Click on each team name to visit its page and read its season preview. You’ll also find the latest news from local newspapers, team sites, and bloggers for each team.

The 2006 NFC East Final Standings
1) Philadelphia Eagles 10-6 5-1
2) Dallas Cowboys 9-7 2-4
3) New York Giants 8-8 4-2
4) Washington Redskins 5-11 1-5

The 2006 NFC East results cause questions for the upcoming season:

The Philadelphia Eagles finished the season on a five-game win streak and won the NFC East. Donovan McNabb returns to the lineup and has the opportunity to run the offense for the first time under Marty Morninweg’s direction. The question always looms whether McNabb can stay healthy all year long. The Eagles will depend on his health since Jeff Garcia won’t be his backup this year.

Tony Romo took over the QB position for the Cowboys midway through the season and was a huge success immediately. Teams finally caught up to him, but expectations continue to be huge in his first starting season. It will be interesting to see how the team reacts to Wade Phillips’ philosophy.

The New York Giants were third in the division. They start their new running game this year without Tiki Barber. Will Brandon Jacobs make Giants’ fans forget him quickly? Will he hold onto the ball this season? Will Eli Manning continue to develop and reach his potential?

Jason Campbell has all the weight on his shoulders in Washington this season. Joe Gibbs has had success with many quarterbacks. He hopes Campbell will be added to his list. Clinton Portis will need to stay healthy in order for him to be a huge asset to the offense.
The bloggers have given us their predictions, and this is how they see the 2007 NFC East unfolding:

1) Philadelphia Eagles
2) Dallas Cowboys
3) Washington Redskins
4) New York Giants

Once again, click on the team name to view its preseason preview and to vote for how the team will place this season. We want to thank all the contributors for their time and willingness to help us with our preview.

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