August 06, 2007

McNabb Sits Out With Sore Knee

Quarterback Donovan McNabb sat out practice on Monday for the first time in a week. McNabb's surgically-repaired knee was a little sore this morning, so he and the coaching staff erred on the side of caution by letting him sit that practice out. It was the first time McNabb hasn't practiced since last Monday, when he took his regularly-scheduled break during the final rookie and selected veterans practice.

"Hopefully, we were due for one," McNabb said, laughing. "(I had) a little soreness, and was just being smart. All of us are on the same page, knowing that I've kind of been battling through for about 14 or 15 straight practices."

McNabb, who said he has been running drills the same way he would if he didn't have knee surgery, felt a little soreness building up on Sunday so the team decided he wouldn't practice on Monday. He knew the field would be slick from rain on Monday, but that was not a major factor in his decision.

Since he had gone a week straight, he doesn't see this soreness as something unexpected.

"It was a little more sore than normal," McNabb said of his knee. "It's nothing to get nervous about, but it happened. Even if you didn't have surgery or you're just healthy, you get sore. I think it was just being cautious and making sure making sure everything is alright."

McNabb hopes Monday will help to relieve some pressure off of his knee. He is positive that he will be good to go for Tuesday's practice, and that this is not a setback in his rehab.

McNabb also wrote the following about his knee on his Yardbarker blog:

Before the uproar starts let's make this perfectly clear. I had some soreness in
my knee. It's nothing to get nervous about, but it happened. Even if you didn't
have surgery and you're healthy, you get sore a week into training camp. I think
we are just being cautious and making sure everything is alright. You have to be
smart about this. I'll be back on the field tomorrow.

I wonder how much the media will over blow this. Once ESPN gets word of this, I bet they will spin it to be that McNabb re-injured the knee, or they will question if he will be ready to go. Sometimes I can't stand the media.

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