August 16, 2007

Shawn Andrews Injury Worse Than Thought?

From Andy Reid, all we've gotten is that Shawn Andrews has a sprained ankle and is getting better.

“He's making progress,” Reid said in a statement Wednesday. “He will not play this week. We'll see how he does next week.”

From Andrews, we got a lot more.

Andrews, speaking publicly for the first time since hurting his ankle on the fourth day of training camp, spoke ominously Wednesday about his injury, which, he hinted, is far more serious than a simple sprained ankle.

“When the doctor said what he said to me about different situations, it was a tearjerker,” Andrews said. “Sometimes things happen when you have a 300-pound body on a leg that's been broken. It's tough. ... Pain's not the issue. It's out of my hands. It's out of my doctor's hands.”

What does all this mean?

Good question.

Andrews walked Wednesday without crutches but was wearing a supportive boot on his right foot, on which he had surgery in September 2004.

Citing Reid's rule prohibiting players from speaking to the media about injuries, Andrews was intentionally vague, joking that he was afraid Reid would spank him if he told the truth.

“He's a massive man,” Andrews said. “I don't want that.”

Was Andrews joking about everything else? He is a noted practical joker, but he certainly seemed serious when talking about an injury that may be jeopardizing his season.

Andrews, a first-team All-Pro right guard and Pro Bowl starter last year, said he hurt his ankle on the final play of practice at Lehigh on Aug. 4.

“I was in pass protection and I felt a little something, and I was very concerned,” he said. “I told the trainers, and here I am in the boot.”

Four days later, when the ankle didn't respond to conventional treatment, the Eagles sent Andrews to a specialist in Philadelphia. At the time, Reid was vague about the diagnosis, saying, “Right now, we're calling it an ankle sprain.”

Beyond that, nothing is certain.
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