August 10, 2007

PFT is a Joke

PFT is officially a joke. Not that anybody ever took that lame rumor site serious before, but now they show that they don't even know football. In their latest Fantasy RB Rankings, they somehow have star RB Brian Westbrook ranked 21st. Here is what the idiots wrote:

21. Brian Westbrook, Eagles: We have a feeling that the decline will start this year
What is "the decline" exactly? Westbrook had a career year last year. I showed this on ITI just a few posts ago:

Westbrook, who turns 28 next month, is coming off his best season. He surpassed 1,000 yards rushing for the first time, finishing at 1,217. His average of 5.1 yards per carry was a franchise-record and he ran for seven touchdowns. Westbrook also had a career-high 77 catches for 699 yards and four TDs. No other back averaged more yards per touch (6.0) or per catch (9.1) last year.
Lets see he is 28 years old, 1,916 total yards, 11 TDs, and runs behind a great offensive line. I am not sure what they are "feeling", but I know anybody with half a brain, would not rank Brian below bums like Ronnie Brown, Cadillac Williams, and Cedric Benson. How can you also stick a rookie Marshawn Lynch, and an almost washed up Edgerrin James ahead of 36?

This is an absolute joke, and must be some kind of ploy to be able to draft Brian Westbrook in a later round than normal in their own stupid Fantasy Football league.

Brian Westbrook is not only a top fantasy back, be quickly becoming an elite RB in the NFL period. His short frame allows for such fast cuts, and change of direction, that he is near impossible to bring down in the open field. Then you have his amazing receiving ability, his patience he has developed, and the burst he has after hitting a hole. Outside of LT, he is the most dangerous weapon in the NFL right now.

Some might think I am being a homer about this, but I truly believe it, and so does Brian. He has to keep on proving the na-sayers wrong. Want your opinion to be heard? E-Mail PFT, and speak up for B-WEST!

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