August 31, 2007

Feeley Breaks Hand, Status For Greenbay In Doubt

The Eagles announced on Friday that quarterback A.J. Feeley underwent successful surgery to repair a fractured third metacarpal -- a bone on the top of the hand -- in his left hand. The procedure was performed by Dr. John Taras in Philadelphia.

Feeley's status for next Sunday's game at Green Bay will be determined at a later date.

Feeley took a couple of huge hits in the first quarter of Thursday's 13-11 loss to the Jets, and one knocked him for more than a loop. Feeley broke the third metacarpal bone in his left hand during the game, but said afterward, and before the surgery, that he would be fine to play as the No. 2 quarterback next Sunday in Green Bay.

"It feels fine, actually," said Feeley. "It swelled up a little bit and that was it. I couldn't tell you how it happened. It could have been a helmet, I don't know. I'll be ready to go against Green Bay. It's not a big deal. It's my off hand."

Feeley said he actually played a series with the broken bone and "it didn't hinder my throwing at all." Feeley completed 6 of 9 passes for 79 yards in his brief time on the field. He was sacked three times.

Despite Feeley's insistence that he is fine, the team sent him to a hand specialist on Friday morning.

"We'll see what the hand specialist says," said head coach Andy Reid after the game.

Very quickly, Feeley had surgery and we'll find out in the coming week if he will be OK for Green Bay.

Feeley was immediately taken for X-rays after he exited late in the first quarter. Feeley returned to the sidelines without a wrap or any kind of bandages on his left hand."

It shouldn't hinder anything, so I should be ready to go," said Feeley, who said he had never experienced a broken hand before now.


Feeley is a tough dude, but there is no way he could play a week after breaking his hand. I don't care which hand it is. They should just let Feeley heal up completely, and have Kevin Kolb be the backup. Kolb had an excellent pre season, and he will have to do as the backup for a few weeks. Hopefully it never even comes down to that.

Kolb Shines in Close Loss

There weren’t many answers in the Eagles’ preseason finale Thursday night at Lincoln Financial Field.

Luckily for Andy Reid, there weren’t many questions going in.

The best news was rookie quarterback Kevin Kolb looked a lot like a guy that could step in if something happened to A.J. Feeley, which was exactly the case. Feeley’s hand was broken when 6-2, 314-pound defensive tackle C.J. Mosley locked him up with a bear hug and pinned him on the ground in the first quarter.

The other bad news was the New York Jets prevailed, 13-11, on a 35-yard field goal by Mike Nugent as time expired.

Kolb did his part for the second straight game, completing 22 of 33 attempts for 220 yards and a sparkling 95.5 passer rating.

Kolb capped a 13-play, 90-yard scoring march with a 31-yard scoring pass to Zac Collie with 2:50 remaining. Kolb then rolled out and hit running back Nate Ilaoa for the two point conversion and an 11-10 lead.

Premature Roster Cuts

Edit: This is not the real list of cuts afterall. You can find the actual list here.

Edit: This may be premature, or the list could have been accidently leaked. The link no longer lists the cuts, and says that "Roster Cuts To Be Announced Saturday". Either way I will keep this up until further notice. It is also being reported on WIP that Rocca made the team, and Jeremy Bloom was cut.

Nate Ilaoa (RB) Big back with good hands, needs to develop pass blocking skills
Jason Davis (FB) Good natural runner who worked way back from ACL injury in '06
Jeremy Cain (FB/LS) After playing with the Bears as a linebacker, tried to stick as fullback
Jeremy Bloom (WR) Didn't provide boost in return game as Eagles hoped
J.J. Outlaw (WR) Developed as an outside receiver, but couldn't break numbers crunch
Michael Gasperson (WR) Tall receiver who was practice squad project past two seasons
Zac Collie (WR) Had great touchdown grab vs. Jets and another lost due to penalty
Lee Vickers (TE) Converted defensive end who Eagles took on as project
Jonathan Palmer (T) Too many experienced veterans, even at backup spots
Jasper Harvey © Eagles already have two young, atheltic centers
Jacob Hobbs (G) Small-school product was the lightest O lineman in camp
Pat McCoy (T) Rookie free agent last year, didn't take big enough step in Year 2
Marques Murrell (DE) Great pass-rush ability, but too small to play the run
Mauricio Lopez (DT) Space-eater, but not enough push for what Jim Johnson needs
Ian Scott (DT) Run stuffer whose knee injury hindered his progress
Akeem Jordan (LB) Quick, but undersized for position
Dedrick Roper (LB) Special teams demon, lost time in camp with foot injury
Dustin Fox (CB) Former third-round pick slowed by Achilles injury
Nick Graham (CB) A difficult cut after consistent performance since May
Marcus Paschal (S) Was neck-to-neck with C.J. Gaddis all camp
Erick Harris (S) Seasoned in NFL Europa, couldn't beat out Gaddis for fourth spot
Dirk Johnson (P) A steady force, had some of the best seasons in team history

My Thoughts:

Rocca wins the punting dual- I am very happy to see this. Even though I am a little nervous about Rocca holding for Akers, I think it is worth it, because he booms 60 yard punts from the end zone, and had a knack for pinning balls inside the 20. He also seems to be getting better at holding, as he got it down, and the laces out properly for Akers successful 43 yard field goal. Akers seemed pleased, and it seems that Rocca will be able to learn this skill.
I feel bad for Dirk, he did have a pretty good camp as well, and it must suck to just have your job taken away from you. That is the reality of the NFL though. I am pretty sure he will get picked up somewhere else in the near future.

Bloom Cut- As I speculated before, Jeremy Bloom was on his way out. Another poor performance against the Jets sealed his fate. He went down at first contact, and tended to run towards the edge, even when the play was not designed to go that way. You might be able to outrun people to that edge in college, but not in the NFL.

Ian Scott- Injuries kept Scott out all of pre season, and most of training camp. His absence gave Jeremy Clark a great opportunity to make the team, which he took full advantage of. In the Jets game he had a sack, a tackle for a loss, and a few stuffs. Scott was considered to be a big pickup for the team, but you can't make the team on the sidelines.

Barksdale in Graham Out- Nick Graham was very solid for the team, but so was Barksdale. Barksdale has more potential, and that was likely the deciding factor. Graham is a great candidate for the practice squad, if he does not get signed anywhere else.

August 28, 2007

Thoughts on the Pre Season

The pre-season is winding down, and I thought I would give some of my honest opinions about some players on the team. Outside of the two turnovers forced, the Eagles defense did almost nothing right against Pittsburgh. Jim Johnson's aggressive blitzes, seemed to get destroyed by screen plays. Overall I think the team has been average during the pre-season, and they need a lot of things to come together for this season to be a success.

Things that worry me:

Chris Gocong- He had a terrible game against the Steelers. He took bad angles, missed tackles, did not move well laterally, and just seemed very lost at linebacker. This is very disturbing to see, because he is expected to be a starter, and Jim Johnson has praised him all camp. Maybe he just had a bad game, and he can work some things out for the regular season, but right now he is making me very nervous. I also don't like the fact that his backup is a rookie. They could move Takeo Spikes to SAM, and possibly start Matt McCoy at WILL.

Sean Considine- Did anybody ever explain to Sean how to wrap up, and tackle? I keep seeing this guy jumping on opponents backs, and be taken for a ride. That was terrible, and so was that wimpy hit on tight end Heath Miller. It looked like he hurt himself, more than he did Miller. To his credit, he did have two nice blitzes, one that caused an interception, and the he tipped a pass on the other. I heard all this talk, of Sean bulking up, but it does not seem to make a difference on the field. Every time I even look at him out there, I remember Duece McAlister running him over in the playoffs.

Mike Patterson- Mike got pancaked on that Willie Parker touchdown run. A lot of guys were at fault for Parker to go untouched into the end zone, but it all starts up front, and you can't get pushed around that easily. They paid Patterson a lot of money last year, and I think they may have jumped the gun on this one. Not only has he been a liability against the run, but I have not seen much pressure on the QBs from him. Time to step it up.

Jeremy Bloom- After a good game at Baltimore, Bloom has not played well since. Reports are that he is slowed by a toe injury, and John Madden proclaimed that Bloom "did not belong on the field". Ouch. Rumor is that Andy Reid is fed up with Bloom, and he is on the way out. It was a very bad sign for him, to see Greg Lewis returning punts, and Correll Buckhalter returning kickoffs for the entire first half. Bloom had better do something great on Thursday, or he is out of here.

Deep Threat?- Where is it on this team? Kevin Curtis has looked fairly good so far, but he, and McNabb have not hooked up deep yet. I also have not seen Curtis get any big separation, on any of the deep routes he has run. Reggie Brown has had a very poor pre-season. It almost seems to me like he is disinterested. Jason Avant has done a good job, but he is a possession receiver. The only deep pass, has been that big play to Matt Schobel. I wonder if maybe losing Stallworth is a huge loss for this team. Even though he was injured some of the time, and caught only 37 balls, you always had to respect his speed on the outside. So far I have not seen anybody on the team show they can do that.

Shawn Andrews- How bad is this injury? Are the Eagles just taking the cautious approach? I definitely know that the offensive line has looked really bad without him. Scott Young has looked really bad, and Nick Cole did not seem much better. Right now if Andrews could not go, I would feel best with Max Jean-Gilles in his spot.

Things I am glad to see:

Donovan McNabb- Five is healthy. I don't care if he says he is 75%, or 85%, he looks fine to me. He is throwing fairly well, he is moving fairly well, and most importantly he seems to have no problem planting that right leg. It was also good to see him bounce right back up from getting hit. While the national media may focus in on Donovan's health being a major issue, I think there is nothing to worry about.

Brodrick Bunkley- Despite the defensive woes, Bunk has been impressive. He made yet another tackle for a loss, and got passed All Pro Guard Alan Faneca. I think now that he has his head on straight, we will start to see a big impact from Bunkley on this defensive line.

Takeo Spikes- Some People have ripped Takeo Spikes, but I think he has played really well. I've seen him shed blocks to make tackles, he forced a fumble at the goal line, and has been the best linebacker the Eagles have so far. It is also great to see that he looks 100% healthy, and is running full speed all over the field. I think Spikes is going to be a play maker for this team.

Young Guys Who Have Impressed:

Kevin Kolb- He has really come a long way in such a short time. The kid is accurate, seems very poised, makes smart decisions, goes through all of his reads well, and spreads the ball around. I have have come a full 180 with Kolb. At first I hated the pick, and did not understand. Now I see that whenever Donovan McNabb's time comes, they will have a good QB follow him. I would like to see Kolb connect with somebody deep, but really no receivers have been able to do that so far this pre-season.

Brent Celek- This guy seems for real. Every game he makes some nice grabs, and he has now been running with the first team offense. Celek has made the team, and should be rotating in every now and then with the starting unit this season. This pick falls into the Eagles history of taking risks on late round draft picks, on guys who have a lot of potential. Well this pick looks like it will be paying off big time. I wonder how this will affect L.J. Smith's contract negotiations. Will this be the leverage the Eagles need to get him signed, or is Celek good enough to make the front office just let Smith walk?

Punting Dual:

I am officially on the Sav Rocca bandwagon. The Aussie can just flat out boom the football. Dirk has played very well this pre-season, but Rocca has just been better. He barely even knows the rules, and he seems to be learning very fast. I heard that the winner of the punting job, will get all of the punting duties this Thursday. So if you see Sav out there, then you know he won. I feel bad for Dirk, because no matter how great he does, it seems like fans will hate him, if he wins this job. Andy Reid said it the other day, that no matter what Rocca will have a job in the NFL. If the Eagles cut him, somebody will definitely pick him up.

August 27, 2007

Holcomb Traded to Minnesota

NFL Network's Adam Schefter is reporting that the Vikings have acquired quarterback Kelly Holcomb from the Philadephia Eagles in exchange for a sixth round pick in 2009.

The veteran backup quarterback joined the Eagles this year but saw very limited action in the preseason as the team was crowded at the position with A.J. Feely and second-round pick Kevin Kolb backing up Donovan McNabb.

The Vikings wanted a veteran back up for Tavarias Jackson as Brooks Bollinger has been disappointing in the preseaon with a 30.4 passer rating.

Holcomb spent the 2006 season in Buffalo, but did not appear in any games. In 2005, he started eight games for the Bills and passed for 1,509 yards and 10 touchdowns.


August 26, 2007

Birds Defense Rebuilt

Chris Gocong glanced at an old photo the other day and couldn't believe what he saw.

“I was at home and picked up last year's linebacker team photo,” Gocong said. “And it was unbelievable. I'm looking at guys and thinking, "Oh yeah, I remember him.' ''

Shawn Barber? Jason Short? Greg Richmond? Dhani Jones? Jeremiah Trotter?

Gone. All of them.

“And that was just last year,” Gocong said. “It just goes to show you how quickly things change in the NFL. Year to year and day to day.”

How quickly things change? With the Eagles' defense, change is constant.

None of last year's starting linebackers are starting anymore. Only one is still here.

No linebackers remain from the 2004 Super Bowl season.

Only one defensive lineman remains from 2004

And only four starters from the 2005 opening-day defense are still Eagles.

“That really is amazing,” defensive coordinator Jim Johnson said. “That is something.”

The 2004 Eagles weren't bad. They won 13 of their first 14 games to clinch the No. 1 seed in the NFC playoffs, they won the NFC Championship Game and they lost by three points to the Patriots in Super Bowl XXXIX in Jacksonville.

From that starting defense, only defensive backs Brian Dawkins, Lito Sheppard and Sheldon Brown and defensive end Jevon Kearse are still Eagles.

“It is pretty crazy,” said Quintin Mikell, now entering his fifth year with the Eagles as a backup safety. “I still consider myself a young guy and I look around and a lot the guys I came in with are gone.

“But that's how the league is now. Guys can make more money somewhere else and they're going to take it. The thing is, we have good schemes here, and you can find guys who fit the schemes. Not to be rude or negative, but we lost the Super Bowl, so obviously we needed to get better. If we won, maybe more of those guys would still be here.”

..Continue Reading at the Burlington Times>>

August 25, 2007

Eagles vs Steelers

Last Time They Met:
August 25, 2006: Eagles 16, Steelers 7
In their fourth preseason game last season, the Eagles looked sharp in the 16-7 win over Pittsburgh. With nearly all of the starters playing for the final time before the start of the regular season, quarterback Donovan McNabb completed 7 of 9 passes for 79 yards. Kicker David Akers helped the Eagles jump out to a lead with three field goals (40, 49 and 52 yards), and wide receiver Greg Lewis sealed the win with a 61-yard touchdown grab. On the other side of the ball, the Eagles forced Pittsburgh into four turnovers – two fumbles and two interceptions.

2006 Season Review:
After taking home the Lombardi Trophy in 2005, last year was far from super for the Steelers. The defending champs struggled to a 2-6 start, before climbing to mediocrity to end the season at 8-8. In his 15th and final year as head coach, Bill Cowher didn't get the same play out of Ben Rothlisberger. The quarterback followed a 17-touchdown, nine-interception season with an 18-touchdown, 23-interception effort in 2006. The defense was not the dominant force it was a year earlier, but it still ranked ninth in the league in yards per game, 11th in points and sixth in interceptions with 20.

Who's In?
Head coach Mike Tomlin, RB Kevan Barlow, C Sean MahanTomlin is clearly the biggest addition. The 35-year-old was the Vikings defensive coordinator last season, helping a struggling defense rise to eighth in yards per game, as well as fifth in interceptions (21) and ninth in sacks (43). Barlow was once a 1,000-yard back with San Francisco, but only had 370 with the Jets last year.

Who's out?
Offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt, LB Joey Porter, C Jeff HartingsAs for the losses, coaching may once again be the biggest difference. Wisenhunt departs for Arizona as does assistant Russ Grimm. Porter brings his 451 career tackles and 60 sacks to Miami. Last year he grabbed 55 tackles, 7.0 sacks and forced two turnovers, but Pittsburgh didn't feel it was enough to keep him around. Hartings, the starting center, retired.

When The Eagles Have The Ball
Once again, the focus will be on quarterback Donovan McNabb. He looked fantastic in his debut at home against the Panthers, but he will have to show that his knee is fine after the eventful quarter he played a week ago, and that he can play well for more than a quarter. The Steelers are trying to switch from a 3-4 defense to a 4-3, the type that new coach Tomlin is used to. They may do this gradually, but it will be interesting to see whether they try some knew things out in their fourth preseason game.

When The Steelers Have The Ball
The Eagles defense had a bad outing against Baltimore, and a near-perfect one against Carolina – as the Eagles' first-team surrendered zero points, while playing for nearly an entire half. Now that the veterans have gotten their licks in, take a look at how the young guys are performing. Last week, Pittsburgh's first-team offense got significant playing time for the first time, and will likely play a good amount on Sunday. This matchup of starters will be good for both teams, and especially for Roethlisberger, who can show his coaches that he is back to the level he once was.

Key matchups
Steelers RB Willie Parker vs. Eagles' front seven
With 337 carries for 1,494 yards, Parker has established himself as one of the elite rushers in the league, on a team that has traditionally had great running backs. His 13 touchdowns last year were also particularly notable, considering Jerome Bettis had been a go-to guy the year before, and the Steelers needed someone to step up. The Eagles' defense struggled to stop the run last year, and this will be a good test to see if the front seven has indeed improved. Defensive coordinator Jim Johnson's crew is athletic, and every bit of its speed will be tested against the quick Parker.

Eagles G Scott Young and Max Jean-Gilles vs. Steelers NT Casey Hampton
With Shawn Andrews likely out with an ankle injury, Young and Jean-Gilles each have a chance to show why he is the more viable option as a backup. Young is one of the strongest players on the team, and he'll need every ounce of muscle against Hampton, a two-time Pro Bowl nose tackle.

Players To Watch
MLB Omar Gaither
Jeremiah Trotter has officially passed the baton over to Gaither, and this will be the first start in the middle for the second-year player out of Tennessee. This is typically the game in which the starters play the most, so the coaches will get a good look at what Gaither can do. He had a strong run at the end of the season playing on the weak side, but he must show that he can repeat it from the middle linebacker position.

LB Chris Gocong
With the starters likely sitting for the majority of the final preseason against New York, this could be the last chance to take a look at the strongside linebacker. He has gained valuable experience so far, but he will need to continue to play well - this starting spot will not be handed to him on a silver platter. As a big guy at 6-foot-2, 263 pounds, he must show that he can cover the tight end effectively, in this case Heath Miller.

WR Santonio Holmes
As a rookie last year, Holmes reminded the Steelers why he was their top pick last year. His 49 catches and 824 yards were enough to earn him a starting job this year. He still has a lot to prove, though, as only a second-year player. His five fumbles (two lost) and only two touchdowns are numbers to certainly improve upon. With cornerback Lito Sheppard back, the Eagles will have their starting unit intact to cope with the speedy Holmes.

Trotter Tribute

August 24, 2007

Johnson Backs Gaither

THE CLEAR message from Jim Johnson yesterday was that he is enthusiastic about having Omar Gaither as his starting middle linebacker.

Maybe it was a predictable message - you'd hardly expect the Eagles to release a player like Jeremiah Trotter without the defensive coordinator being on board with the decision - but it was revealing, nonetheless. As Trotter himself noted in his extraordinary farewell address, this wasn't something Andy Reid just woke up and decided to do one cloudy morning.

In fact, when Trotter said he knew Reid didn't want to release him, he might have been giving a bit of insight behind the scenes, over the 6 months or so since the coaching staff finished its review of 2006 game tape. Johnson wasn't going to say anything that would slight Trotter yesterday, but when he said such things as "[Gaither] is a playmaker, and we wanted to get him on the field; it's as simple as that," you can rest assured that it wasn't Reid, the head coach with the offensive background, who was pushing to get Gaither on the field.

The picture that has emerged over the past few days is of two things happening to produce Tuesday's surprise Trotter departure, one event leading directly to the other. Johnson decided, over the weekend, after watching film of the Carolina game, to make Gaither the starter. Gaither practiced in that role Monday, with Trotter as the backup.

Once that happened, Reid made the decision that it would be better to cut the cord cleanly than to try to fit Trotter's dominant, oversized personality into a reserve role, after four Pro Bowl invitations. Then Reid held his meeting with Trotter, and what occurred after that, everybody in Eagles Nation knows by now.

There are things we still don't know. If Trotter had said he really wanted to hang on as a backup, would Reid have allowed that? Were other players consulted, before the final decision was made? Is this just another minor bump in the road, like the departures of prominent leaders in the past (Troy Vincent, Duce Staley etc.), or have Johnson and Reid seriously overestimated the remaining defensive leadership and linebacking talent?

August 22, 2007

Top 10 reasons to be happy you are Michael Vick

10. All of this controversy over dog fighting, makes people forget how much of a lousy QB you are.

9. You can eat all the Twinkies, and Slim Jims you want locked up. Ask Tank Johnson.

8. Your recent troubles have saved the world from buying your ugly sneakers.

7. You will be playing prison league football, so you have a chance of actually winning a championship.

6. Your Jersey might be off the shelf, buy your Dog Chew Toy is selling great.

5. Forget a water bottle, now you get to hide your weed up your ass. That's much cooler.

4. Your speed, and elusiveness will help you avoid getting "shanked" in the yard.

3. You don't have to worry about hanging with the wrong crowd anymore, because all of your friends snitched on you.

2. At least you are not Eddie Griffin. My God.

1. You don't have to worry about losing your manhood in prison, because everybody knows you have herpes.

August 21, 2007

Report: Jeremiah Trotter Cut

According the Anthony Gargano of 610WIP, the Eagles have released veteran MLB Jeremiah Trotter. No official word from the Eagles yet, but Gargano is a close friend of Trott, and you would have to think that this information was given to him by Jeremiah himself.

I think this sucks personally. Trotter vowed to come into camp in shape, ready to go, but I guess the coaches did not like what they saw from him in the pre-season. I know this is how the NFL works, but it just sucks to see one of your favorite players just get tossed to the curb like that.

UPDATE: Trotter to have a 1 pm press conference today. Apparently Reid gave him the option of retire, or be cut, and Jeremiah asked to be released. They had an agreement that if he was not where they wanted him to be, they would release him now so he could find a new team to play for.

The story has been confirmed by ESPN, and the Eagles have already replaced Trott on the depth chart with Omar Gaither.

The home page has confirmed this as well. Here is a quote from Andy Reid.

"Jeremiah is one of my favorite guys," said head coach Andy Reid. "There's no question that this is the toughest part of this job. He and I met about this last night and it was very emotional for both of us. Jeremiah and I have been together for many years and he's played a vital role in helping this team win a lot of football games. He developed himself into a Pro Bowl middle linebacker through a lot of hard work and desire. In my mind, he will always be a Philadelphia Eagle and I'm sure he feels the same way. I wish he and his family nothing but the best."

>>Eagles LIVE has fan reactions, interviews from Andy Reid, Trotter, Takeo Spikes, and Brian Dawkins.

August 20, 2007

Vick Takes Plea Agreement

Michael Vick has agreed to plead guilty to the federal dogfighting charges against him under a deal reached today between his attorneys and prosecutors, his lawyer said.

Vick's D.C.-based attorney, William R. (Billy) Martin, made the announcement in a written statement released by his office this afternoon. Martin said that Vick accepted full responsibility for his actions and decided over the weekend to accept the plea deal.

Vick and his attorneys are scheduled to appear in federal court in Richmond next Monday, according to the statement.

The terms of the plea deal were not immediately clear, but previous reports indicated that the two sides were discussing an arrangement by which Vick would spend about a year in jail.

The deal still must be approved by the judge in the case and could collapse at any point until then.

Vick's three co-defendants in the case previously agreed to plead guilty and cooperate with the prosecution.

Vick was charged with helping to operate a dogfighting ring based at a property owned by him in southeastern Virginia. He'd been scheduled to go on trial Nov. 26.

NFL discipline against Vick remains pending. Last month, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell ordered Vick not to report to the Falcons' training camp and announced that Vick's playing status would be determined by a review being conducted by Washington attorney Eric Holder.

The federal indictment of Vick portrayed him as an active member of the dogfighting operation who attended and even traveled to dogfights, paid bets for losing fights and participated in the killing of dogs that didn't perform well.
>>Washington Post

More Holcomb Trade Rumors

Falcons Could look to add veteran quarterback's Len Pasquarelli reports the Atlanta Falcons may look to acquire a veteran quarterback. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution previously reported the team had inquired about the availability of Philadelphia Eagles backup QB Kelly Holcomb.

Michael Vick is going to prison, Joey Harrington looked terrible in the pre-season, and DJ Shockley is out for the season, with an ACL tear. It looks like this rumor could actually have some legs to it. I'm willing to bet Holcomb plays a lot against Pittsburgh, and that could be his last action as an Eagle if he does well.

August 19, 2007

Fathead Disses McNabb Again

In a stupid rant about Barack O'bama, known bigot Rush Limbaugh decided to call O'bama, "Barack O'McNabb". I found this picture from his gay website. Now I could care less about politics, but don't you think it's time leave McNabb alone already? Rush was already made to look like a fool the first time he tried this stunt. Not only is McNabb not "overrated", but comparing him to a politician is downright stupid. I could stoop to Rush's low level, but I am better than that. Instead I will just remind everybody of what we are dealing with. A known drug addict.

August 18, 2007

Birds Bounce Back

The Eagles played outstanding against Carolina. What a huge difference from Mondays embarrassing defeat. The biggest news, was the return of quarterback Donovan McNabb, and all eyes were glued to him. There were so many things to touch on from this game, that I will just list them off:

Donovan McNabb- Five was very sharp in his first game action since tearing his ACL last November. On the first play of the game, Donovan stepped up in the pocket, and fired a strike to Kevin Curtis for 27 yards. The very next play, McNabb rolled out to his right, stumbled over Todd Herremans foot, maintained his balance, and hit Jason Avant for 16 more yards. This play showed five still had his mobility, and that was great to see. Later in the game, McNabb layed a ball up with perfect touch over the shoulder of tight end Matt Schobel, who caught the ball in stride, and ran to the 4 yard line. A play of 58 yards, that lead to a Tony Hunt 3 yard touchdown run. McNabb is back, and the rest of the league should take notice. It was also great to see Donovan take a hit, and then bounce right back up.
Lito Sheppard- Jumped an out route by Steve Smith, and dazzled the crowd by returning it 40 yards for a touchdown. This electrifying play seems routine for Lito, as he already has three career INTs returns for TDs. Lito is a big time play maker on this defense, and he did not even need practice, to be able to play well.
Brent Celek- The kid looked very good again. He caught 4 balls for 45 yards, and seems to just fit right into the offense. Celek even made some very nice blocks on the two TD runs from Tony Hunt. If the Eagles had to go a few weeks without L.J. Smith, I believe that Celek, and Schobel would be able to fill in nicely.
Tony Hunt- Tony had a much better game than last week. He did not have very many yards, but he did score two touchdowns. More importantly, the Eagles brought Hunt into the game, in their goal line packages. It appears that the Eagles plan to use Hunt in the role of a short yardage/goal line back. This is something that fans have wanted for a long time. A big physical back for these situations.
Juqua Thomas- With Jevon Kearse out of the game, Juqua stepped it up. It was 3rd down, on the Panthers first possession. The Eagles got killed on third down Monday, and Juqua did not let that happen this time. He quickly beat the man in front of him, chased Jake Delhomme to the sidelines, and forced him to throw the ball away. These are the types of plays the Eagles need to have success defensively. Juqua also forced a fumble, by slapping the ball out of Jake Delhomme's hand. He was very impressive.
Brodrick Bunkley- Bunkley managed to make a few plays again. He had a nice tackle for no gain, and he recovered a fumble. This is what the Eagles want from him. At Florida State, he was always around the ball, and so far this pre-season, he is doing the same.

Kevin Curtis- Had 2 nice catches, and looks like an excellent route runner. He also had a step on a CB during a go route, but Donovan overthrew him. I think Curtis is going to surprise a lot of people this year. He has some speed, and a great knowledge of the game. Learning from Issac Bruce, and Torry Holt, is a huge plus for him.
Kevin Kolb- Kolb had a much better game than he did on Monday. He was pretty poised for a rookie, and made smart choices with the football. He seems to be very accurate with his throws, and he had a nice run for a first down. I am starting to see what Andy Reid liked him so much about him. It's still very early, but it is very good to see that he is playing well.
Max Jean-Gilles- Did a decent job filling in for Shawn Andrews. Had some great blocks on both Hunt TDs. He did get pushed back into QB A.J. Feeley, by Kris Jenkins, but Jenkins is one of the better DTs in the league. You can also see that Gilles has worked hard to drop some weight.
Backup Offensive Line- As a group they played terrible. Pat McCoy was brutal, and so was Chris White. Nick Cole was pretty good, and Winston Justice was excellent. I like how Justice has the versatility to play both right, and left tackle. With Runyan, and Thomas getting old, and more injury prone, this is very important to have Justice for depth.
Jason Davis- Despite a bad spot on the 4th, and inches run, Davis did a poor job on that play. He had a lane to the right, and instead of taking it, he ran right into a pile of guys. If he had just taken the lane there, the refs would not get a chance to screw up the spot. His fumble later in the game will probably end up getting him cut. When you are such a long shot to make the team, you can not afford to make those kind of mistakes.
The Punter Dual- Sav Rocca Boomed some big punts again. He pinned a ball inside the five yard line, and averaged 50 yards per punt. Daid Akers did make a FG when Rocca was the holder, but he failed the spin the laces out. That can be worked on in practice. Dirk Johnson also did a solid job, and it could be tough for him to lose his place on the team, due to his experience. Did anybody notice Carolina's punter Jason Baker? He had 8 punts for an average of 51.9 yards per punt. He was actually an Eagle in 2002, and has really become a very good punter.
Kick Coverage- This was dreadful. I don't have the stats in front of me, but every time the Eagles kicked off, the Panthers returned the ball to the 30-35 yard line. They need to do a much better job in this department. This was also a major problem last year, and there is only a few weeks to get this right.
Matt McCoy- Looked really bad in pass coverage. He lucked out big time when the Carolina Tight End dropped a ball, that he easily could have ran for another 5-10 yards. McCoy was about 5 steps behind him, and had no chance of making any play on the ball, or even making a tackle.
Rashad Barksdale- He got his first interception, on a poorly thrown ball, and returned it 35 yards. You can see that he is a very talented athlete, and with some more coaching could be a very productive pro. He did miss a tackle earlier in the game, but overall all did a good job.
Missed Tackles- I heard that the Eagles had one of the toughest, most physical camps in the league. If this is true, then I can not figure out why there continues to be so many missed tackles. It seems like guys are more worried about laying a big hit, or stripping the ball, then just wrapping up, and taking the ball carrier down.
Hank Baskett- Hank had a good game. He made a sweet over the shoulder catch, and seems to make those look easy. He also had a really nice catch, and run over the middle. If you took your eyes out of focus a little, Baskett almost looked like T.O. out there. He is big, physical, and is quickly learning how to use his size to his advantage. He also has been a very good blocker.
Jeremy Bloom- Was average on returns. Did not make any major mistakes, but did not break anything off big. He did make 2 nice grabs, including taking a nice hit from CB Chris Gamble. Bloom has definitely earned himself a roster spot.

Stewart Bradley- I think it is very interesting, that the Eagles continue to have him lineup at MLB. I wonder if he is in the future plans at that position? They seem to be very high on Chris Gocong at the SAM spot, and if he does well there, then where else would Bradley fit in?
David Akers- Boomed two 50 yard field goals, with two different holders. One even had the laces out. Great job from Akers.

I know I missed some things, but this is becoming a ridiculously long post. So I will just cut it short here. Overall the Eagles did a great job, and it's great to see number five play so well. Let's hope they can keep this going throughout the regular season.

August 17, 2007

Eagles vs Panthers

Last Time They Met

December 4, 2006; Eagles 27, Panthers 24
In a game that would turn the tide of the squad's 2006 season, the Eagles overcame a seven-point deficit entering the fourth quarter and escaped Lincoln Financial Field with a narrow victory. Starting his second game, quarterback Jeff Garcia shined, completing 21 of 39 passes for 312 yards and three touchdowns. Cornerback Lito Sheppard sealed the win with a fine interception in the Eagles end zone in coverage against Keyshawn Johnson. The win was the first of five consecutive victories to end the 2006 regular season.

2006 Season Review
It was a season of streaks for the Panthers, who looked great at times and completely inept at others during a disappointing 8-8 season. Carolina lost its first two games of the season, only to win the next four and appear back on track. The Panthers were 6-4 going into Week 12, only to lose their next four games and drop out of the playoff race. The Carolina defense was strong, finishing seventh in the league in overall defense, but was offset by an inconsistent offense. The Panthers attack finished 24th in the league in total offense and 27th in scoring.

Who's In?
QB David Carr, CB Curtis Deloatch, DT Chad LavalaisCarr is the big name newcomer in Carolina. Even though he is currently slotted behind Jake Delhomme, some fans have become dissatisfied with Delhomme's inability to consistently compile victories. The 28-year-old Carr has thrown more interceptions than touchdowns in his five NFL seasons and carries with him a career QB rating of 75.5. Still, some believe that with a better supporting cast the former first-overall pick can be a winner.

Who's Out?
WR Keyshawn Johnson, S Mike Minter, LB Chris Draft, TE Kris MagnumJohnson, Minter and Magnum all retired (Johnson after being released). Minter might be missed the most by the Panthers. Minter spent all ten of his NFL season with the Panthers, finishing the franchise's all-time leader in total tackles with 807

When The Eagles Have The Ball
All eyes will naturally gravitate towards Donovan McNabb should he play. The quarterback is slated to make his debut on Friday, and there's little doubt the Eagles will do whatever they can this early in the preseason to ensure he doesn't get hit, and that could include running the ball or max protect packages. More than McNabb, the Eagles need to show they can move the ball consistently after a poor showing against Baltimore in which the offense produced only 183 total yards. The offensive line failed to hold up against the Ravens' blitz packages, and will need to do a better job against Carolina.

When The Eagles Are On Defense
Once again, the Eagles are looking to improve on Monday's outing. The first-team defense settled down in their second series against Baltimore, but prolonged drives such as the Ravens' first one cannot happen. In particular, the defense needs to do better in third down situations. The Ravens were three-for-three in third down situations on the first drive, and the Eagles defense needs to make a play and get off the field. It's likely the Eagles will be tested in the running game against the likes of DeShaun Foster and DeAngelo Williams, and it will be interesting to see how the new-look defense responds.

Key Matchups
Panthers QB David Carr vs. Panthers QB Jake Delhomme
Though these players are on the same team, there is an interesting competition between the two. Delhomme is coming off a season in which he threw for 2,805 yards, 17 touchdowns and 11 interceptions in just 13 games. Despite that decent season, Delhomme hasn't won as expected since leading Carolina to a Super Bowl appearance in 2003. Enter Carr, who was jettisoned from Houston, where many feel he never truly had a chance to succeed. Carr went 6-for-8 for 83 yards and a touchdown in the Panthers' preseason opening 24-21 win over the Giants. Delhomme is the likely guy here to start the season, but a strong preseason from Carr and/or early Carolina struggles will lead to speculation.

Panthers DE Julius Peppers vs. T Jon Runyan
Runyan has fought his fair share of battles against elite defensive linemen in the past, the most notable of which being Michael Strahan. He'll see another one of the game's best on Friday in Julius Peppers. With Donovan McNabb likely making his return, there will be an added amount of pressure on Runyan to keep the former second-overall pick at bay. Peppers had a career best 13 sacks last year, but none of those came in the Panthers one meeting with Runyan and the Eagles.

Players To Watch
QB Donovan McNabb
The Eagles franchise quarterback is expected to make his return the field following a torn right ACL suffered in Week 11 last season. McNabb returned to practice in the June OTAs, and participated in nearly all of training camp. It's unclear how much McNabb will play or if there will be any rust, but more important than stats from this game will be how well McNabb is able to move and how comfortable the recovering quarterback looks.

TE Brent Celek
The Eagles tight end was by far the most productive player in an otherwise dim effort against the Ravens on Monday. Celek's four receptions and 59 receiving yards were both team highs. Inconsistency is common for rookies, so it will be interesting to see if Celek build on that production in this game. The Eagles need production from the back up tight ends to take pressure off L.J. Smith, and if Celek can continue his fine summer with a good performance is this game, the Eagles really might have a player on their hands.

Carolina WR Steve Smith
One of the most dangerous wide receivers in the league, Smith is coming off another stellar season in which he caught 83 balls for 1,166 yards and eight touchdowns. Smith can stretch the field or take the short pass and accumulate yards after the catch, and the Panthers almost always find ways to get him the ball. Smith will test the Eagles corners, especially if Lito Sheppard is once again absent, and keep the defense as a whole honest against the run.

August 16, 2007

McNabb is Back

Shawn Andrews Injury Worse Than Thought?

From Andy Reid, all we've gotten is that Shawn Andrews has a sprained ankle and is getting better.

“He's making progress,” Reid said in a statement Wednesday. “He will not play this week. We'll see how he does next week.”

From Andrews, we got a lot more.

Andrews, speaking publicly for the first time since hurting his ankle on the fourth day of training camp, spoke ominously Wednesday about his injury, which, he hinted, is far more serious than a simple sprained ankle.

“When the doctor said what he said to me about different situations, it was a tearjerker,” Andrews said. “Sometimes things happen when you have a 300-pound body on a leg that's been broken. It's tough. ... Pain's not the issue. It's out of my hands. It's out of my doctor's hands.”

What does all this mean?

Good question.

Andrews walked Wednesday without crutches but was wearing a supportive boot on his right foot, on which he had surgery in September 2004.

Citing Reid's rule prohibiting players from speaking to the media about injuries, Andrews was intentionally vague, joking that he was afraid Reid would spank him if he told the truth.

“He's a massive man,” Andrews said. “I don't want that.”

Was Andrews joking about everything else? He is a noted practical joker, but he certainly seemed serious when talking about an injury that may be jeopardizing his season.

Andrews, a first-team All-Pro right guard and Pro Bowl starter last year, said he hurt his ankle on the final play of practice at Lehigh on Aug. 4.

“I was in pass protection and I felt a little something, and I was very concerned,” he said. “I told the trainers, and here I am in the boot.”

Four days later, when the ankle didn't respond to conventional treatment, the Eagles sent Andrews to a specialist in Philadelphia. At the time, Reid was vague about the diagnosis, saying, “Right now, we're calling it an ankle sprain.”

Beyond that, nothing is certain.
..Read more at the Burlington Times>>

August 15, 2007

McDougle and Moats put on IR

As expected RB Ryan Moats was placed on injured reserve, and so was DE Jerome McDougle. Both players were not likely to even make the final roster, so in a way, this is positive for them, because it gives them another shot with the Eagles next year.
>>Bleeding Green Nation

The injuries don't stop there, as Guard Stefan Rodgers suffered a lis franc sprain, and is also likely done for the season. Lajaun Ramsey suffered a high ankle sprain sprained his ankle, and Kelly Holcumb has a knee contusion. Craig Kobel has the dredded sports hernia, Shawn Andrews is still hurting from his ankle sprain, L.J. Smith is still recovering from a groin strain, Brian Dawkins has achillies tendinitious, Lito Sheppard, and Bill Sampy are coming along from a quad contusion.
>>Official Site

This team needs some serious rest. This is one reason why I really hate the pre season.

Jerome McDougle is quickly going down as one of the biggest busts in franchise history. At least Mike Mamula got on the field. They should just give up completely, and cut him already. Time to admit the mistake, and move on.

Ryan Moats is a frustrating player, because he is an electric back, but he can't stop fumbling the football. Maybe with this year off, he can try, and finally work on that problem. Somebody should give him Tiki Barber's phone number.

Sav Rocca Gets Jacked Up

Ouch! Sav is a definately a tough dude.

August 14, 2007

Skins Sign Pinky

The Redskins continue to tinker with the roster and find ways to improve depth. On Monday, the team signed veteran wide receiver Todd Pinkston and defensive tackle Matthias Askew.

To make room for the two newcomers, the Redskins released wide receiver Kyle Brown and defensive tackle Vaka Manupuna.

"Todd is somebody who we felt could upgrade our position over somebody [Brown] who would have a tough time making the team," head coach Joe Gibbs said. "We felt like it was a good time to bring somebody in who might have a chance."

Pinkston, 6-3 and 180 pounds, was selected in the second round of the 2000 draft by the Philadelphia Eagles. He spent six seasons with the Eagles (2000-05), during which time he played in 78 games, starting 62.

For his NFL career, Pinkston has 184 receptions for 2,816 yards and 14 touchdowns. His last NFL game: Super Bowl XXXIX with the Eagles.

He missed the entire 2005 season with an Achilles injury. He was released by Philadelphia during 2006 training camp. He later signed with Minnesota Vikings, but was released a short time later.

In Philadelphia, Pinkston played three seasons with James Thrash, who likely put in a good word for Pinkston, a second-round draft pick by the Eagles in 2000.

Pinkston said on Monday that, before the Redskins called, he thought his career might be over.

"I just wanted the chance to come out here, show some leadership and try to make the team," Pinkston said.

Stinkston, and Trash finally together again. Now all they have to do, is sign Freddie Mitchell for the all garbage Ex-Eagle receiver core. What are the Redskins doing? I am sure they remember this:

Shaky Start For Birds

Not much went right in the Eagles 29-3 loss to the Baltimore Ravens. The starting offense stalled on their only two drives, and the defense gave up a touchdown on the Ravens first possession.

The backups did not fair much better, as poor play, and mistakes filled the rest of the game. The team just appeared flat, and got their butts whipped repeatedly. Luckily it is only the pre-season, because there are many things for the Eagles to improve on.

The Good:
Brent Celek- The rookie tight end was impressive in his Eagles debut, catching 4 balls for 59 yards, including a nice 30 yard catch and run. It was nice to see some good play from the tight end position, because of the questions about L.J. Smith's health. Celek did have one drop on a short pass from Kevin Kolb.

Brodrick Bunkley- While the Eagles defense overall was poor, Bunkley made a few nice plays, and that was good to see. He deflected a pass, made a tackle for a loss, and clogged up the middle on a run play.

Matt McCoy- A guy who is considered by many to be on the bubble, made a statement, by putting together a solid effort. He had five tackles, and one nice hit on QB Kyle Boller. You can see that he is really going to fight for his spot on the team.
Jeremy Bloom- Did a pretty good job in the return game. Fielded every punt, and got every kick return past the 20. He also made a few good grabs at WR, Including one for a first down. He did leave the game to get his toe x-rayed, but the results were negative.

Rashad Barksdale- Made some really nice open field tackles, and helped out well against the run. Had a near interception, and came up with 6 total tackles.

Stewart Bradley- Lead the team with 8 tackles, and played a lot yesterday. He made a very nice play in the run game, and was visibly very vocal on the field. He did have a penalty on punt coverage.

Brian Westbrook- Westbrook looks to be in mid season form, as he made an exciting 23 yard catch, and run.

The Bad:
Jeremiah Trotter- Trotter whiffed on a tackle he should have made on Ravens RB Willis McGahee. Trott has talked a lot this off season, but that play reminded me of the Colts game last year. It was a stretch run, and Trotter has to be able to move better than that, as he was late getting to the ball carrier.

Will James- Another big talker this off season, James got turned around by Ravens receiver Derrick Mason. A critical third down play that a starting NFL CB must not give up so easily.

Tony Hunt- Hunt had 5 carries for no yards. The offensive line did not help at all, as many times the Ravens defense got into the backfield untouched. Hunt also got Kelly Holcomb sacked, with a very weak block on a DB. He did have two catches for 11 yards.

Kevin Kolb- Very rough start for Kolb. His receivers did not help out very much, with a number of drops, but Kolb looked very much like a rookie in his debut. He completed 11 of 20 passes, for 77 yards. Kolb fumbled the ball, on a pass play that he thought was a run.

Tank Daniels- Got sucked into a block by the Ravens FB, which sprung RB Willis McGahee for 16 yards. If you want to make the team, you have to do a better job of shedding that blocker, and containing the back.
David Akers- Missed a 43 yard FG, and has been inconsistent since 2004. I think a lot has to do with Akers not being comfortable with a new holder, and long time long snapper Mike Bartrum has retired.

Offensive Line- From the starters, to the backups, to the third stringers, this group played poorly all game long. They did not get much push in the running game, and had many break downs in protection. The backups especially seemed lost vs the Ravens 3-4 front. Trying to pick up the right guys in pass protection was an adventure the entire game.

The Ugly:

Ryan Moats- Broke his ankle on his second carry during the third quarter. Moats will be placed on the Injured Reserve ending his season. A tough break for Moats, as he really wanted a chance to prove himself this pre-season. He had been considered by many, to be another "bubble guy", and has been having fumbling issues in Training Camp.

Sav Rocca- The Aussie punter welcomed to the NFL in a rude way, as he was the recipient of a violent hit from Ravens LB Antwan Barnes. Sav showed his toughness, as he jumped right off, shook it off, and smiled.

Overall it was a very weak showing from the team, and I am sure the Eagles coaching staff is not very thrilled. The Birds were missing a lot of key players, including Donovan McNabb, Brian Dawkins, Shawn Andrews, L.J. Smith, Lito Sheppard, and others. Not making any excuses for the terrible play, but getting these guys back for the regular season will make a huge difference.

August 13, 2007

Kolb makes debut tonight

We've talked about him for four months. We've analyzed him, studied him, listened to his every word. Tonight, we'll finally get to see Kevin Kolb actually play football.

Head coach Andy Reid said yesterday Kolb will probably play the entire second half tonight when the Eagles open the preseason with a 7 p.m. game against the Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore.

With Donovan McNabb slated to make his preseason debut Friday on the familiar FieldTurf at the Linc, A.J. Feeley will start at quarterback tonight and Kelly Holcomb will get the second quarter, leaving the entire second half to the Eagles' prize second-round draft pick.

“I'm really looking forward to it,” Kolb said. “With all the publicity, the whole draft situation, you're ready to just play football again. It's a whole different thing from practice, the coaches aren't five feet behind you, they're on the sidelines and you're running the team, you're running the tempo, and that's where you really find out where you are.”
..Continue reading at the Burlington Times>>

August 12, 2007

McNabb Out. Feeley Gets The Start

After praising Lehigh University for their hospitality and facilities, head coach Andy Reid bluntly delivered the news that the reporters in attendance were waiting for - quarterback Donovan McNabb will not play in Monday night's preseason opener at Baltimore.

McNabb's first game action since he tore the ACL in his right knee last November will come Friday night when the Eagles host Carolina in the home preseason opener.

While Reid stated in his press conferences during training camp that he wasn't sure of whether McNabb would play Monday, he admitted on Sunday that resting McNabb was decided some time ago.

"He worked well and he seemed strong (during training camp)," said Reid. "I'd rather just start him off at our place on grass."

A.J. Feeley will start at quarterback and the first-team offense will play the entire first quarter. Quarterback Kelly Holcomb will run the second-team offense for the second quarter and Kevin Kolb, the team's first draft pick in April, will play the entire second half.
..Read more at the Official Site>>

Coaches eager to see Gocong

The tether connecting Philadelphia Eagles strongside linebacker Chris Gocong to defensive coordinator Jim Johnson and linebackers coach Sean McDermott will be severed Monday night at Baltimore, and Johnson is eager to see the results.

So are a lot of other people, because the 6-2, 263-pound Gocong is the player whose selection with the 71st pick of the 2006 draft created a stir for several reasons, including:

He played at Division I-AA Cal-Poly, where football is, at best, an afterthought.

The Eagles traded up five places to make sure they got him.

The Eagles almost immediately disclosed plans to convert him from defensive end to linebacker.

Gocong's debut as a linebacker was delayed a year because he was placed on injured reserve after suffering a neck stringer early in last year's training camp.

And the Eagles made yet another curious move along the way: They released the starting strongside linebacker of the previous three seasons, Dhani Jones, and installed Gocong as the No. 1 linebacker before even seeing him against live competition.
..Continue reading at the Morning Call>>

August 11, 2007

Class of 2005: From losers to winners

The Eagles lost to the New Orleans Saints in the NFC divisional playoffs the night earlier, a sour ending to a season when the Eagles won their final five regular-season games and the NFC East title and topped the New York Giants in the first round of the playoffs.

Head coach Andy Reid provided the usual end-of-season talk about how he's proud of the players and it was a good season. But then he added a different spin to the Eagles' leap from 6-10 in 2005 to 10-6 in 2006.

"You wanted to get things changed around this year, or you're dealing with two [draft] classes of players that had not had success," Reid said in January. "That becomes very difficult to change around. The guys that were here last year, that's all that they knew in the NFL."

Those "guys" Reid was referring to were the Eagles' 2005 draft class, one that came following a Super Bowl appearance and finished its first season with a losing record.

The Eagles have five listed starters from the Class of 2005: defensive tackle Mike Patterson, receiver Reggie Brown, safety Sean Considine, guard Todd Herremans, and defensive end Trent Cole. The roster also includes three reserves from that class: linebacker Matt McCoy (a former starter), running back Ryan Moats, and guard Scott Young.

"It makes you feel good to know the guys you came in with, the guys you know, the guys who are your closest friends on the team in general and the guys you were together with as a rookie are having a lot of success and are guys who are going to be here for a long time," Considine said. "You know everybody but you still stick closest with the guys you came in with."

The Eagles build through the draft, but even by their standards this class is abnormal.
..Continue reading at the Phildelphia Inquirer>>

August 10, 2007

PFT is a Joke

PFT is officially a joke. Not that anybody ever took that lame rumor site serious before, but now they show that they don't even know football. In their latest Fantasy RB Rankings, they somehow have star RB Brian Westbrook ranked 21st. Here is what the idiots wrote:

21. Brian Westbrook, Eagles: We have a feeling that the decline will start this year
What is "the decline" exactly? Westbrook had a career year last year. I showed this on ITI just a few posts ago:

Westbrook, who turns 28 next month, is coming off his best season. He surpassed 1,000 yards rushing for the first time, finishing at 1,217. His average of 5.1 yards per carry was a franchise-record and he ran for seven touchdowns. Westbrook also had a career-high 77 catches for 699 yards and four TDs. No other back averaged more yards per touch (6.0) or per catch (9.1) last year.
Lets see he is 28 years old, 1,916 total yards, 11 TDs, and runs behind a great offensive line. I am not sure what they are "feeling", but I know anybody with half a brain, would not rank Brian below bums like Ronnie Brown, Cadillac Williams, and Cedric Benson. How can you also stick a rookie Marshawn Lynch, and an almost washed up Edgerrin James ahead of 36?

This is an absolute joke, and must be some kind of ploy to be able to draft Brian Westbrook in a later round than normal in their own stupid Fantasy Football league.

Brian Westbrook is not only a top fantasy back, be quickly becoming an elite RB in the NFL period. His short frame allows for such fast cuts, and change of direction, that he is near impossible to bring down in the open field. Then you have his amazing receiving ability, his patience he has developed, and the burst he has after hitting a hole. Outside of LT, he is the most dangerous weapon in the NFL right now.

Some might think I am being a homer about this, but I truly believe it, and so does Brian. He has to keep on proving the na-sayers wrong. Want your opinion to be heard? E-Mail PFT, and speak up for B-WEST!

August 09, 2007

Injury Bug

All-Pro guard Shawn Andrews is out indefinitely and tight end L.J. Smith aggravated a sports hernia, adding to the list of injured Philadelphia Eagles.

Andrews is bothered by a right ankle injury, the same one he hurt in Week 1 of his rookie season in 2004. He was examined by an ankle specialist on Wednesday and returned to camp Thursday with a walking boot and crutches. It's uncertain how long Andrews will be sidelined.

"(His ankle) will continue to be monitored and evaluated over the next several days," coach Andy Reid said in a statement. "He will rest it during that time."

Smith, who had surgery for a sports hernia in the offseason, left the field after a non-contact drill during the morning practice. Rookie running back Tony Hunt also left the morning session with an ankle sprain. Both players were to be re-evaluated.

Six-time Pro Bowl safety Brian Dawkins also remained sidelined with a sore Achilles' tendon.

This is why I hate the preseason. Terrible news for L.J. Smith. I hope it is nothing too serious. The dreaded Sports Hernia has done enough damage to Philadelphia already. Now I am starting to worry if this ankle injury will linger into the season with the Big Kid. A big man with bad wheels is never good.

Celek Catches Reid's Eye

Andy Reid admitted he doesn't like doing it, but then did it any way.

Asked to name some players who have exceeded his expectations, the head coach listed three names, starting with rookie tight end Brent Celek.

"I hate picking guys out," Reid said. "But obviously you guys have seen the tight-end situation with Celek. It looks like he's done a nice job."

That may not be much of a quote, but it's quite a compliment for Celek, a fifth-round pick out of Cincinnati who has run with the starting offense because of L.J. Smith's delayed return from sports-hernia surgery.

"It's a good feeling, but I can't sit here and dwell on it," Celek said after special-teams practice yesterday. "I know, and I know [Reid] knows, that I need to get a lot better. . . . I have to keep working hard."

Celek has run solid routes and shown good hands during the first two weeks of training camp, but now he wants to see how he measures up in a preseason game. He probably will run with the first-team offense Monday night against the Baltimore Ravens. It seems unlikely that Smith will play.
..Continue reading from the Philadelphia Inquirer>>

Spider Owens

Just more evidence that MEO is a clown. Crave attention much?

Westbrook ready to take next step

Brian Westbrook has overcome stereotypes throughout his career.

Undersized. Injury-prone. Third-down back.

With every carry and each catch during his first five seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles, Westbrook has proved he's one of the most versatile running backs in the NFL.

But that label isn't enough. He hopes to be mentioned among the elite players at his position.

"I want to be one of the best running backs in the game," said Westbrook, who was excused from training camp on Wednesday for personal reasons.

Westbrook, who turns 28 next month, is coming off his best season. He surpassed 1,000 yards rushing for the first time, finishing at 1,217. His average of 5.1 yards per carry was a franchise-record and he ran for seven touchdowns. Westbrook also had a career-high 77 catches for 699 yards and four TDs. No other back averaged more yards per touch (6.0) or per catch (9.1) last year.

For Westbrook, it was vindication. He often said he can be a workhorse-type back who carries the ball 20-25 times per game. But coach Andy Reid's offensive philosophy always had been pass-first. Once quarterback Donovan McNabb went down with a season-ending knee injury, Reid sought a more-balanced approach centered around Westbrook.
..Continue reading at>>

August 08, 2007

Sport Projections NFC East Preview

Loyal bloggers from each NFC East team have contributed to our 2007 NFC East Football Preview. They created a preview for their teams, a win-loss prediction for each game, predicted their team MVP, and projected the final standings in the NFC East for this upcoming season. Click on each team name to visit its page and read its season preview. You’ll also find the latest news from local newspapers, team sites, and bloggers for each team.

The 2006 NFC East Final Standings
1) Philadelphia Eagles 10-6 5-1
2) Dallas Cowboys 9-7 2-4
3) New York Giants 8-8 4-2
4) Washington Redskins 5-11 1-5

The 2006 NFC East results cause questions for the upcoming season:

The Philadelphia Eagles finished the season on a five-game win streak and won the NFC East. Donovan McNabb returns to the lineup and has the opportunity to run the offense for the first time under Marty Morninweg’s direction. The question always looms whether McNabb can stay healthy all year long. The Eagles will depend on his health since Jeff Garcia won’t be his backup this year.

Tony Romo took over the QB position for the Cowboys midway through the season and was a huge success immediately. Teams finally caught up to him, but expectations continue to be huge in his first starting season. It will be interesting to see how the team reacts to Wade Phillips’ philosophy.

The New York Giants were third in the division. They start their new running game this year without Tiki Barber. Will Brandon Jacobs make Giants’ fans forget him quickly? Will he hold onto the ball this season? Will Eli Manning continue to develop and reach his potential?

Jason Campbell has all the weight on his shoulders in Washington this season. Joe Gibbs has had success with many quarterbacks. He hopes Campbell will be added to his list. Clinton Portis will need to stay healthy in order for him to be a huge asset to the offense.
The bloggers have given us their predictions, and this is how they see the 2007 NFC East unfolding:

1) Philadelphia Eagles
2) Dallas Cowboys
3) Washington Redskins
4) New York Giants

Once again, click on the team name to view its preseason preview and to vote for how the team will place this season. We want to thank all the contributors for their time and willingness to help us with our preview.

August 07, 2007

McNabb: It's Time To 'Seal the Deal'

Another year, another Super Bowl prediction by Donovan McNabb.

This time, the naysayers might take notice.

Last year in training camp, McNabb said the Eagles were contenders capable of reaching the Super Bowl -- even after coming off a 6-10 season.

Then, McNabb went down with a knee injury and missed the final six games of last season. But the Birds staged a miraculous turnaround and fell a victory shy of reaching the NFC championship game.

Entering his ninth season as Eagles quarterback, McNabb has every reason to be brimming with confidence.

"Last year, I said we were a Super Bowl team, and everybody kind of laughed about it and didn't understand what I was saying," said McNabb, who sat out Monday as he rested his sore knee. "We were pretty much a couple of plays from the NFC championship again. I guess people think that what I say is right, now. I doubt it, but we'll see how far it goes this year."

With McNabb, the Eagles lost three straight NFC title games before breaking through and eventually losing to the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl in 2005.

McNabb turns 31 in November, and he is coming off his second season-ending injury in as many seasons. He leads a team with veterans at several key positions and believes the team is poised to take the next step.
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August 06, 2007

Get Your Vick Chew Toy

As the Michael Vick dog fighting scandal continues to unfold we find ourselves trying to figure out why a multi-million dollar NFL superstar would put himself in this type of position. That question can not be answered as of yet and may or may not ever be answered. After authorities raided a house owned by Vick on April 25 and found 66 dogs and a pit usually used in dog fights, Vick has finally been indicted by a Federal Grand Jury and will face trial soon.

While most of us have turned a blind eye to this underground world of dogfighting, Michael Vick has helped to blow the doors wide open on this problem. There are now more people responding to the horrible situation that many of these animals have been subjected to.

Now a new type of retribution has been created to give every dog a little pay-back. The Vick Dog Chew Toy will be available for delivery on August 7th and will hopefully help open the eyes of many others. This has been created to help the Local Shelters shed some light on this horrendous sport of dogfighting. Each person now has the opportunity to buy a dog chew toy that will help other animals live a better life than those poor dogs that were found on April 25th.

The most rewarding part of The Vick Dog Chew Toy is that a portion of the proceeds are being donated to the a local animal shelter to help spread awareness of this terrible phenomenon.

This gave me a good laugh, so I thought I would share it with you. We all know I am a huge Michael Vick fan.

McNabb Sits Out With Sore Knee

Quarterback Donovan McNabb sat out practice on Monday for the first time in a week. McNabb's surgically-repaired knee was a little sore this morning, so he and the coaching staff erred on the side of caution by letting him sit that practice out. It was the first time McNabb hasn't practiced since last Monday, when he took his regularly-scheduled break during the final rookie and selected veterans practice.

"Hopefully, we were due for one," McNabb said, laughing. "(I had) a little soreness, and was just being smart. All of us are on the same page, knowing that I've kind of been battling through for about 14 or 15 straight practices."

McNabb, who said he has been running drills the same way he would if he didn't have knee surgery, felt a little soreness building up on Sunday so the team decided he wouldn't practice on Monday. He knew the field would be slick from rain on Monday, but that was not a major factor in his decision.

Since he had gone a week straight, he doesn't see this soreness as something unexpected.

"It was a little more sore than normal," McNabb said of his knee. "It's nothing to get nervous about, but it happened. Even if you didn't have surgery or you're just healthy, you get sore. I think it was just being cautious and making sure making sure everything is alright."

McNabb hopes Monday will help to relieve some pressure off of his knee. He is positive that he will be good to go for Tuesday's practice, and that this is not a setback in his rehab.

McNabb also wrote the following about his knee on his Yardbarker blog:

Before the uproar starts let's make this perfectly clear. I had some soreness in
my knee. It's nothing to get nervous about, but it happened. Even if you didn't
have surgery and you're healthy, you get sore a week into training camp. I think
we are just being cautious and making sure everything is alright. You have to be
smart about this. I'll be back on the field tomorrow.

I wonder how much the media will over blow this. Once ESPN gets word of this, I bet they will spin it to be that McNabb re-injured the knee, or they will question if he will be ready to go. Sometimes I can't stand the media.