August 31, 2007

Premature Roster Cuts

Edit: This is not the real list of cuts afterall. You can find the actual list here.

Edit: This may be premature, or the list could have been accidently leaked. The link no longer lists the cuts, and says that "Roster Cuts To Be Announced Saturday". Either way I will keep this up until further notice. It is also being reported on WIP that Rocca made the team, and Jeremy Bloom was cut.

Nate Ilaoa (RB) Big back with good hands, needs to develop pass blocking skills
Jason Davis (FB) Good natural runner who worked way back from ACL injury in '06
Jeremy Cain (FB/LS) After playing with the Bears as a linebacker, tried to stick as fullback
Jeremy Bloom (WR) Didn't provide boost in return game as Eagles hoped
J.J. Outlaw (WR) Developed as an outside receiver, but couldn't break numbers crunch
Michael Gasperson (WR) Tall receiver who was practice squad project past two seasons
Zac Collie (WR) Had great touchdown grab vs. Jets and another lost due to penalty
Lee Vickers (TE) Converted defensive end who Eagles took on as project
Jonathan Palmer (T) Too many experienced veterans, even at backup spots
Jasper Harvey © Eagles already have two young, atheltic centers
Jacob Hobbs (G) Small-school product was the lightest O lineman in camp
Pat McCoy (T) Rookie free agent last year, didn't take big enough step in Year 2
Marques Murrell (DE) Great pass-rush ability, but too small to play the run
Mauricio Lopez (DT) Space-eater, but not enough push for what Jim Johnson needs
Ian Scott (DT) Run stuffer whose knee injury hindered his progress
Akeem Jordan (LB) Quick, but undersized for position
Dedrick Roper (LB) Special teams demon, lost time in camp with foot injury
Dustin Fox (CB) Former third-round pick slowed by Achilles injury
Nick Graham (CB) A difficult cut after consistent performance since May
Marcus Paschal (S) Was neck-to-neck with C.J. Gaddis all camp
Erick Harris (S) Seasoned in NFL Europa, couldn't beat out Gaddis for fourth spot
Dirk Johnson (P) A steady force, had some of the best seasons in team history

My Thoughts:

Rocca wins the punting dual- I am very happy to see this. Even though I am a little nervous about Rocca holding for Akers, I think it is worth it, because he booms 60 yard punts from the end zone, and had a knack for pinning balls inside the 20. He also seems to be getting better at holding, as he got it down, and the laces out properly for Akers successful 43 yard field goal. Akers seemed pleased, and it seems that Rocca will be able to learn this skill.
I feel bad for Dirk, he did have a pretty good camp as well, and it must suck to just have your job taken away from you. That is the reality of the NFL though. I am pretty sure he will get picked up somewhere else in the near future.

Bloom Cut- As I speculated before, Jeremy Bloom was on his way out. Another poor performance against the Jets sealed his fate. He went down at first contact, and tended to run towards the edge, even when the play was not designed to go that way. You might be able to outrun people to that edge in college, but not in the NFL.

Ian Scott- Injuries kept Scott out all of pre season, and most of training camp. His absence gave Jeremy Clark a great opportunity to make the team, which he took full advantage of. In the Jets game he had a sack, a tackle for a loss, and a few stuffs. Scott was considered to be a big pickup for the team, but you can't make the team on the sidelines.

Barksdale in Graham Out- Nick Graham was very solid for the team, but so was Barksdale. Barksdale has more potential, and that was likely the deciding factor. Graham is a great candidate for the practice squad, if he does not get signed anywhere else.

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