August 04, 2007

Max Jean-Rocky

Surely, just a few more fights and Max Jean-Gilles will have a WBA ranking.

Jean-Gilles, the Eagles' massive second-year guard, engaged in a spirited tussle with second-year defensive tackle LaJuan Ramsey during one-on-one line drills yesterday. This was one day after Jean-Gilles rushed to an offensive linemate's aid and wound up taking on Trent Cole amid a tangle of players in what turned into mostly a wrestling match.

Yesterday, there was no scrum, Jean-Gilles noted, it was "man-on-man," two large men throwing hands.

"Jean-Gilles clearly should get the 2 minutes for instigation," opined Channel 29 producer Tom Sredenschek, who might have had the closest view of the Jean-Gilles vs. Ramsey rumble.

In truth, as long as no one gets hurt and the bad feelings are left on the field, coaches seem far from opposed to this sort of thing. And Jean-Gilles, who never got on the field as a rookie despite a lot of hard work, certainly knows that.

Yesterday he referred to his feistiness as "dawg," which seems to be one of the current NFL buzzwords, unfortunate Michael Vick connections notwithstanding. In college, Jean-Gilles was literally a "Dawg," representing Georgia. "I get that from UGA. That's how I play," he said.[]

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