July 28, 2007

A View From the Hall: Training Camp 2007

When the faithful make their summer pilgrimage to Eagles training camp in Bethlehem, most will focus on the quarterbacks. They will be watching to see how much the coaches allow Donovan McNabb to do and how comfortably No. 5 moves around on his surgically repaired leg. They will be watching rookie Kevin Kolb to see how quickly he picks up the West Coast offense.

That’s how it works at a football training camp. The guys in the red jerseys get all the attention. Their teammates aren’t allowed to touch them, but the fans can’t take their eyes off them. Even in July, the quarterbacks are the stars of the show.

But a word of advice for Eagles fans: You might want to watch the other side of the ball, too. That’s where the competition is.

Let’s face it, the offense is pretty much set. If McNabb is on schedule with his rehab – and it appears that he is – there is no suspense at quarterback. The line, which performed very well last season, is intact. Kevin Curtis has replaced Donté Stallworth at wide receiver. Brian Westbrook is, well, Brian Westbrook.

L.J. Smith’s recovery from sports hernia surgery makes the tight end position a bit of a wild card, but otherwise the offense is a pat hand. Coach Andy Reid will spend the summer fine-tuning the pieces, but the point is, he knows the pieces.

The defense is another story.
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