July 19, 2007

Birds on the Spot

There are quite a few members of the Eagles offense, who won't be on the squad in 2008, if they don't have good seasons in 2007. Generally this is true for all backups, but not neccesarily if the backups are high draft picks, and they're still early in their careers. Let's start with the quarterbacks.

Eagles starting quarterback Donovan McNabb is under the gun to have a good season but an even more important goal, is staying healtlhy through an entire season. If McNabb were to go down the Eagles may start planning on a future without him. If this were to happen A.J.Feeley would be on the line to play well or not be around here next year. Veteran backup Kelly Holcomb won't get the chance to play well here in Philly. If he is still here for some reason, this year will be his one and only chance. Rookie Kevin Kolb has time to screw up, but I doubt he gets the chance this year.
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There are quite a few Eagles defensive players who will be in a step up or shut up situation. The Eagles front seven is especially on the line to produce or see quite a few changes in 2008. Let's start with the defensive ends.

Talented and highly paid defensive end Jevon Kearse may be playing his last year in Philly even if he has a good year. Only a monster year will definitely bring him back. Darren Howard will have to make an impact or the Birds will realize that they made a big mistake. Trent Cole is young enough to be invited back if he slumps. Juqua Thomas may be invited back if he has an off year, but he would be relegated to the special teams. Jerome McDougle might as well pack his bags if he doesn't live in the offensive backfield during training camp. Regretfully for him, he won't get the chance to do poorly this season. Rookie Victor Abiamiri can stink up the joint this year and still return.
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