July 08, 2007

Banjo Boy throws D-line under the bus

In a recent appearance on NFL Network's Total Access, former Eagles Dhani Jones blames the Eagles front four for the linebackers(his) poor play in 2006. Sounds like he is taking a page out of Trotter's book. The difference is Trotter is a three time pro-bowler, and has the right to speak.

I agree that the front four is clearly important, but could somebody tell this clown Dhani he almost never made a play in three seasons as an Eagle. This would include the 2004 Super Bowl team, that had Derrick Burgess, Corey Simon, Hollis Thomas, Jevon Kearse, Darwin Walker, and Sam Rayburn all playing at a high level.

When the clown actually made his one tackle a game, he would bust out the stupidest celebration ever, the air banjo. I know it is a flashy NFL these days, but players should try to act like they've been there before. All Dhani has ever done, is conduct orchestra's wear stupid bowties, play his "field guitar", and act like an NFL linebacker.

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jason said...

If the D-line was to blame for his poor play in 06... who was to blame for his poor play in 05 & 04?