July 28, 2007

McNabb 'At 75%'

Donovan McNabb emerged from the locker room with an air of ease Saturday morning before the inaugural practice of the 2007 training camp. The quarterback played to the infantry line of cameras assembled to film his entrance, joked with any and all around him and, most of all, McNabb smiled.

But recovering quarterback was slightly more serious after practice, speaking to the media about the health of his knee and his future in Philadelphia.

McNabb revealed that while he would have no way of knowing exactly what percentage of health his knee is at until his first game action, he speculated that he was "probably still at 75 percent."

But with that diagnosis, the franchise quarterback also included a disclaimer.

"At 75 percent, I personally feel I can be one of best quarterbacks in this league," McNabb said.

Yet McNabb sounded both parts confident and cautious during his address. McNabb's overriding theme with regards to his recovery was patience.
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