July 11, 2007

Heavy Hitters

A cool video of the best hits from the 06-07 season from PE.com. The Sheldon Brown hit on Reggie Bush is classic.

Former Eagles all pro lineman 'Bucko' Kilroy died yesterday. I am too young to remember him play, but I have heard he was a mean dude on the football field.

The 07-08 Eagles Cheerleaders calender unveiling date has been announced. I am looking forward to watching the fashion show.

Westbrook is again getting his respect, as Tom Curran lists Brian as the 3rd most complete RB in the NFL. Here is the excerpt from his article:

3. Brian Westbrook, Philadelphia Eagles
Want him to run it? Westbrook will do that to the tune of 4.7 yards per attempt in his career and 1,217 last season. Want him to catch it? He did that 77 times for the Eagles last year. When deployed as a punt returner, he’s one of the league’s most dangerous (20 returns with a 15.3 average in 2003). Planning for Westbrook is a nightmare. It’s hard to find a scout team back to give your defense a good look at his style. He may not last long but he’s making an impact now.

Well in honor of this news, I am giving everybody a cool Brian Westbrook highlight video!

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