July 15, 2007

Jackson's Big Break

Standing in an automobile accessories shop, just a few months removed from tearing his triceps muscle for the second time in two years, Jamaal Jackson approached the counter with gleaming rims in one hand, a receipt in the other.

Worried about his future with the Eagles, and in professional football, Jackson decided to curtail spending on nonessentials.

Things like flashy, 24-inch rims for his Yukon SUV were suddenly earmarked for return.

"I was like, 'I gotta save some money,' " Jackson said.

That's the precise moment when the call that changed Jackson's life made his cell phone buzz inside his pocket. At the other end was the voice of offensive line coach Juan Castillo.

A major shoulder injury had just shelved center Hank Fraley for the rest of the season, Castillo told him. Jackson should be prepared to jump from practice squad to starting lineup, against Dallas, on "Monday Night Football."
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