July 01, 2007

'Invincible' up for ESPY

A year ago, Vince Papale was able to go to the restroom at a sporting event unnoticed. Now, he can't reach the facilities without signing 10 autographs along the way.

"Here in Philadelphia, it's almost like a rock star," Papale said.

Or a movie star.

Papale, an Eagles receiver and special-teams player from 1976-1978, had a movie made about his life - Invincible - that was released last August.

Since then, Papale's story as a 30-year-old off-the-street rookie has gone from a Philadelphia success story to a national tale. And, after spending the last year traveling around the country delivering motivational speeches, he has become even busier now that Invincible was nominated for an ESPY award.
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