November 01, 2007

These Are Not Boos of Love TO

Terrell Owens was asked about the Philadelphia fans in a press conference Wednesday, and this is what he responded with:

"Those boos, they ain't really boos,'' he said, then smiled, playing to reporters prodding him to talk about Eagles fans. "There's a lot of love in those boos. They ain't got no choice but to boo me, because I'm on the other side. I guarantee you if I were to get traded to the Eagles right now, they'd love me. I loved it when I was there. Those are some great fans. When you're there, they love you. When you're on the opposite side, they're going to pretend they hate you.''

No TO those are not boos of love. Philadelphia HATES you with a passion. You betrayed the city, and went back on your word when you first came here. People here wish nothing, but the worst for you.

If Owens were to get hit by a bus tomorrow, Eagles fans would throw a party to celebrate. Right now I can't think of anybody more hated than TO in Philadelphia. Osama Bin Laden is more likely to get love here than you. TO can try to twist things in his own bi-polar mind all he wants, but he will know on game day that the fans have no love for him.

Here is some of the "love" he received in his first trip back to the Linc as a Cowboy:

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