November 06, 2007

Cowboys Embarrass Eagles 38-17

T.O. Gets His Revenge:

Eagles vs T.O. round 2 was a huge victory for WR Terrell Owens. T.O. stuck it to the Eagles by catching 10 passes for 174 yards, including a 45 yard touch down. He was a difference maker, and the Eagles secondary was pathetic trying to stop him.

Last year the Eagles shut down Owens in his return to the Linc, but this time T.O. gets his. As much as it pains me to say it, T.O. was the player of the game.


Did the defense even show up? Dallas scored 38 points, finished the game with a total of 434 yards, and went 8-12 on third down. The Eagles defense was constantly on it's heels. They did not just bend, they were completely broken down.

The worst part is they are not making many big plays. The defense had no sacks, no fumbles, and no answer for the Cowboys attack. The only big play made by the defense was a Lito Sheppard interception. Lito of course also left the game with a knee injury, and did not return.

Tony Romo signed a huge contract recently, and he proved he deserved it. He had an awesome game completing 20 of 25 pass attempts, for 324 yards, and 3 TDs. The Eagles defense never even layed a finger on him. There was no pressure from anybody all game, and Romo calmly hit his receivers.

The defense has been the best thing about this team. Other than the 97 yard debacle against the Bears, they had played great all season. Last night they stunk. They were completely embarrassing, and did nothing to even slow the Cowboys down. If the score was not so one sided, it could probably have even been worse

McNabb Was Bad:

Donovan had one of his worst games ever against the Cowboys. Through out his career, he has been a Cowboys killer. That was far from the case Sunday night.

On the first offensive play of the game, Donovan dropped back to pass. It appeared that nobody was open, Donovan held the ball way too long, and fumbled the ball while being hit from behind. McNabb has to throw that ball away. If the play is not there, then get rid of the football. That play basically summed up how the entire game went for the Eagles. It was disastrous.

Donovan also had two interceptions in the game. One was one of the worst passes I have ever seen. I have no idea what he saw, or what he thought he saw, but I saw a receiver double covered. For a guy who does not like to take very many risks, it is very puzzling as to why he thought he could fit a ball between these two. Again I go back to this. If the play is not there, find your check down, or throw it away. Do not try to make something out of nothing. More times than not, it will be a mistake.

Fourteen of Donovan's 27 completions went to Brian Westbrook. Westbrook is a better receiver than most RBs, but you can not make him 50% of the pass offense. You need to spread the ball around, and let other guys make plays. There were some other plays to be made, but Five missed them. He either did not see them, or had an errant throw.

The offensive line did have some breakdowns, and at times there may have been no open receivers, but the bottom line is Donovan has to be better.

Fans Were Weak:

Not that it really matters, but the fans were not there for this game. The first thing I noticed is the place was full of Cowboys fans. Every section had at least a few of them. A lot of people must have given up on the season, and sold their tickets online.

The crowd was still pumped until McNabb fumbled. Then it seemed like everybody was sitting on their hands. I went to smoke during halftime, and saw lots of people exiting the stadium. I know the Eagles were getting beat bad, but how do you leave any game at halftime? That blew my mind.

By the 4th quarter, the place was basically empty. Lots of Cowboys fans stayed, and very few Eagles fans were scattered throughout the stadium. Me, and my friend were the only two people left in our section with ten minutes left to go in the game.

I hear all the time from other fans, especially older fans, how great Eagles fans are, and how they always show up to every game, and I always believed that these were some of the best fans in the country.

When I stood up to scream on third down, people looked at me like I was crazy. The only time the fans ever got loud, was to boo Owens. Outside of that you would think the game was played in California. It was pathetic.

Season Is Over:

Well I think it has finally sunk in. The Eagles are just an average at best football team. They are in last place, and have already lost three division games. The division is well out of reach right now with 3 teams to climb, and the Cowboys at 7-1.

They did not just play bad to the Cowboys, they went up against a better team. The Cowboys beat the Eagles in every facet of the game, and you saw a superior team beat the Eagles.

Even if the Eagles were to make the playoffs(doubtful), they would stand no chance against the Cowboys, Patriots, Colts, and other top teams. So realistically speaking this season is over.

I can hear the calls for Kevin Kolb already getting louder. The rest of this football year is probably going to suck.

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Blaine said...

"Not that it really matters, but the fans were not there for this game."

wow,, I think it is also a matter for the player. Somehow it's really sad to stand on the field and realizing that no one in the supporter tribune comes to support their effort.