November 08, 2007

Donovan Clears The Air Again

What seems to be a reoccurring theme, Donovan McNabb once again had to explain his comments from a recent press conference. This time he decided to do so on his Yardbarker blog:

I was surprised to hear that people were saying that I am not taking blame for us being 3-5. I did say in my press conference earlier today ( that "I'm definitely not the whole reason why we lost these games" and "I'm not fully [to] blame for everything that goes on around here."

But I also said, "There are a lot of mistakes I've made. [Whether] it's throws I want back, [bad] decisions, whatever it may be, there are mistakes that I've made in every game- a lot of things that you're not used to doing, a lot of things that you know you can do better. Everybody makes mistakes. But, in this situation, there's no room for error, and that goes for each individual person. There's no room for error."

I wish it were easy to find out what is going wrong – then it would be easier to fix. Have I made mistakes? Yes. Do I expect more from myself? Absolutely yes. This is truly frustrating for me because I am giving all I have in practice, in film study, and in the games. I share a passion with Eagles fans to see this team win each week. It hasn't happened as often as we'd like thus far. I haven't given up on myself, our my teammates. And I certainly haven't given up on this season.

The media is really reaching with this story. After a bad game, they take one sentence from his entire press conference, and try to create controversy. They of course left out all the quotes where Donovan said that he could play better. Brian Westbrook even agreed with Donovan. This is what he said:

"The tough part about being a quarterback is that a lot of times you're going to get a lot of the praise when the guys are doing well. A lot of the situation is that you did a great job and you're going to get a lot of praise, some undue, but you're still going to get a lot of praise. When things are going badly, you're going to get a lot of people talking badly about you as well. In Donovan's situation, everything that goes wrong on this team is not Donovan's fault. Everything from the fumbles, to the interceptions, to the sacks, those are not all Donovan's fault, not all of them, not totally. Because it's a team sport, one man can't make a football team. He has some blame on some of those things, running backs have some blame, tight ends, wide receivers, offensive line has some blame, as well. Because he's a marquee guy and he's almost the face of the organization, he takes a lot of the blame for things."

I did not see this quote anywhere in the stories posted. I guess it would not be much a of a story, if they decided to put all the information in it. The fact is Donovan did not say anything wrong, and people need to stop worrying about what he says, and worry about how he plays.

If you did not see the full press conference, then check it out right here. Donovan McNabb's PC 10/07/07

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