November 03, 2007

Roy Williams Takes Shot At McNabb

It started innocently. Donovan McNabb said earlier in the week that
anyone's plans to win the NFC East have to go through Philadelphia. And most
Cowboys agreed with the quarterback, based on the five division titles the
Eagles have won in the last six years.

Until, that is, Thursday.

"Right now, they are in no position to talk about everything going
through Philly," Cowboys safety Roy Williams said of the 3-4 Eagles.

"Some teams went to Philly and beat them. No one is worried about 'You have to go through Philly.'

Thanks for the bulletin board material Roy. I doubt the Eagles really needed another reason to hate the Cowgirls, but you just gave them one.

Williams could have taken the high road, but obviously he is a classless punk. Why is he talking, when he is always out of position?

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