November 09, 2007

Reid and McNabb Deserve a Pass

Get Rid Of Reid?:

The Eagles are off to a dreadful start this season. I doubt anybody expected a 3-5 record to this point of the season. While everybody is searching for answers, let me remind them of this.

Andy Reid is a great coach. Take a look at his body of work in Philadelphia.

In 2006, Reid overcame a 5-6 start and the loss of two of their most explosive players in quarterback Donovan McNabb and defensive end Jevon Kearse in leading the team to season-ending, five-game win streak to capture the NFC East division championship.

The 2004 Eagles clinched the NFC East title with five games remaining in the regular season and the #1 seed in the NFC playoffs after a 13-1 start. Along the way, Reid passed Greasy Neale (66) for the most wins in franchise history. The Eagles earned their first trip to the Super Bowl since 1980 after defeating Atlanta in the NFC Championship game.

In 2003, the Eagles overcame a 0-2 start and a slew of injuries to post their second consecutive 12-win season. During that season, Reid registered his 50th career win (in his 81st game) to become the fastest coach in team history to reach that milestone. A year earlier, Reid was the overwhelming choice as the NFL's coach of the year as the Eagles thrived without the services of McNabb to still capture home field advantage in the NFC playoffs.

After a 5-11 mark in his first season, Reid led the 2000 Eagles to the greatest turnaround in franchise history, finishing 2nd in the NFC East at 11-5 and earning a trip to the NFC Divisional Playoffs.

Reid's 8 playoff wins are most in team history and tied for 18th in league history. Of the 20 coaches who have won eight or more playoff games, only Vince Lombardi (10), Tom Flores (11), Jimmy Johnson (13), and Mike Shanahan (13) have manned the sidelines in fewer playoffs games than Reid's 14.

Andy's teams have never had back to back losing seasons.

What he has done here is more than impressive. Reid has built a foundation here, to have a lot of winning football teams.

To those who want Andy Reid gone, I ask you this. Who do you want to take his place? There are not very many good candidates even available. More than likely if Reid were to resign, Marty Morningweg would be promoted to head coach. Is that really the answer?

It's time to calm down this get rid of Reid nonsense now. Right now he is dealing with a family crisis, and fans should show support during this rough time. Reid will pull this team together again, and the Eagles will rise up once again.

McNabb Can Not Win:

No matter what Donovan McNabb says, he will be criticized by the media. There has been two days of stories about Donovan not taking the blame for the teams losses, and it is all based off one sentence from his press conference. McNabb has had to defend himself in his own blog, and he was even ripped for doing that.

The media makes a habit of taking McNabb's words out of context, to create a controversy. They especially like to pull these stunts when the Eagles are not doing well. When the Eagles are losing these stories seem to catch a lot more fire, then when the Eagles are doing well.

It truly is a no win situation for Donovan. If he does not answer the question, he gets ripped for that. If he speaks honestly he is told to shut up. If he gives a politically correct response, he is labeled a company man. No matter how he approaches the questions directed his way, there will be a negative story to follow.

McNabb is payed to play football, not worry about what to say in his press conference.

I know that McNabb is having a poor season, but people need to remember that he is still under a year removed from major knee surgery. Most athletes will tell you it takes about two years before you are fully right from an ACL. Donovan has to play through this to get better, and there is no other way around it.

We all know how well Donovan can play when healthy. Did everybody forget the 2004 Super Bowl season already? How about last year when Five was an early MVP candidate before getting hurt?

The same fans who voted McNabb the best QB in Eagles franchise history, are now calling for rookie Kevin Kolb to replace him. Does anybody really think Kolb is ready now? How about next year? I sure don't have faith in Kevin Kolb. I have never seen him play outside of the pre-season.

Ironically Kevin Kolb is the same pick that fans booed on draft day, and ripped ever since. Now people think he is the solution to this Eagles team?

I think people should be more careful for what they wish for. When things are going bad everybody wants to bench the QB and fire the head coach, but it is not the smart move in this case.

I would hate to see fans reaction when Kevin Kolb is the starting QB, and Marty Morningweg is the head coach.


Z-Unit said...

Very nice post. I think if you look at the situation with some reason, you'll find that yes, Reid is a great coach as per the reasons you give. Also, McNabb is still the best quarterback that the Eagles have ever had, and not just because the fans voted him to that spot for the 75th anniversary team. Look at his stats:
and his career hasn't even hit the 10 year mark.

It's funny, the same fans who constantly criticize Reid for making bad personnel decisions with the draft and free-agency suddenly think he's struck gold with a 2nd round draft pick no one's ever heard about before? People think he is better than Five?

Inside the Iggles said...

Excellent point z-unit. All of a sudden Kevin Kolb is the next Brett Favre to some people.

What people forget is he could end up being the next Bobby Hoying.