November 03, 2007

Andy Speaks On Family Troubles

I really hate how the media is pounding this story so hard. I turn on WIP, and get disgusted by morons who question Andy Reid's parenting ability. Where do people get off criticizing a man's family? If you want to question his coaching ability, or personnel decisions, that's fine, but leave his family alone. There is no reason to comment on it.

Everybody goes through issues in life, and has their share of difficult times. The difference is when average person has problems, they are not broad casted on national television, printed in local newspapers, and debated on talk radio.

I feel terrible for Andy, and really wish the media would back off. Everybody should respect his privacy, and stop making this issue worse.

The majority of the media is nothing but a bunch of story hungry creeps, who make a living off others misery. Ratings are all that is important to media scum, and it makes me sick.

This is my message to everybody. Fans, and media included.

Leave Andy's Family ALONE! Either show your support, or STFU!

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Tom G, said...

I couldn't agree more. I'm so tired of hearing people on the radio pontificate without knowing all the facts, and unless they are in that household, they don't know all the facts.