November 14, 2007

L.J. Smith Likely Gone Next Season

Looks like L.J. Smith is still unhappy about not having a new contract. He has not held out, but he has voiced his displeasure several times with his contract situation. Today he gave his latest thoughts about it:

If you think tight end L.J. Smith will re-sign with the Eagles after the season, you might want to think again.

“Am I optimistic about being here again? No. I’m not optimistic about it,” said Smith, who is eligible to be a free agent after the season. “Right now I’m looking at possibly being on another team.”

Asked if there have been discussions regarding a new deal, Smith said there has been “nothing significant.”

After spending much of the season recovering from a sports hernia/groin injury, Smith scored his first touchdown of the season Sunday. His goals for the rest of the season?

“I think No. 1 finish up healthy. And secondly perform well when I’m out there,” he said.

“It’s really important for me personally, I’m going to help the team obviously – but for me personally it’s very important for me to finish up strong.”


Well sounds like the front office has made up their mind, and L.J. knows it. Guess everybody can expect another big name player to leave next season. The Eagles offense really seemed to take off against Washington, when L.J. started to get involved. I thought it opened up everybody else, and kept Washington off balance. Will Matt Schobel, and Brent Celek bring the same thing? I doubt it.

Pretty selfish of Smith to be saying this publicly though. He could at least pretend to be concerned about the team, and not so wrapped up in his contract matters. I wonder if he will even get the money he thinks he is worth. It is always a risk to test free agency. It worked out great for Michael Lewis, and Jeff Garcia. Not so well for Rod Hood, and Donte Stallworth.

Just expect L.J. to be gone either way.

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