June 14, 2007

My quest for Eagles tix

Single Game Tickets Sold Out In Minutes

Single-game tickets to Eagles home games sold out Thursday morning. On sale at 10 a.m. via internet and telephone, tickets were snapped up by fans as fast as they were made available.
"This sale is overwhelming," said Leo Carlin, who has seen close to five decades of football in Philadelphia as he enters his 48th season as director of client ticket relations with the Eagles. "Twenty years ago, it was not unusual that tickets could be purchased the day of the game. Now, the demand for tickets surges each year and the tickets go even faster than the year before. It is a powerful display of fan passion." *

What a terrible system used to sell these tickets. I understand that there is a limited amount, but why even use the web site? Ten Million people all at work jam up their server, and nobody gets tickets from there. Why not just scrap the phone/online sales, and sell the tickets at Ticketmaster outlets? This way it is actually first come first serve, instead of this phone nonsense. I used a combination of phone/online to get my Eagles tickets, and it was a very frustrating ordeal.

With some friends help, I called multiple numbers, and one line got through at 9:57. They were hung up on, because it was not 10:00 yet. What a bunch of jerks. Couldn't they just hang on the line for 3 minutes? A minute later, I was able to fill in the form for Ticketmaster online. Two tickets, any price, anywhere for the Giants game December 9th. It told me there was an eight minute wait, and then up popped this on my screen.
I wanted to break my monitor at this point. After some deep breathing I calmed down, and realized that it is just scam. The same thing happens every year. I try to get tickets, I get left on hold trying to call Ticketmaster, and I end up having to pay 200 a seat through stub hub.
I was still on the line however, and I refused to give up. When the clock read 10:20 I had almost lost all hope of getting Eagles tickets. In the words of Charlie Manuel I was very flustrated to say the least.
Then finally I heard a human voice on the other end of the phone. She went on to give me more disappointment. "Eagles tickets are sold out" the woman said. Failure again I thought. Until I asked her to please check again, and to my surprise it worked! She had two single tickets, but they were not be together. At this point I did not care, I just wanted to be at a game. Get me inside the stadium, and I will be happy.
So it was not all bad, because I did manage to actually get two single seats in separate sections to the Seahawks game. I guess me, and my friend will be standing for the game. That's ok with me, because the seats are lousy anyways. Victory!

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GreggyD said...

I feel your pain. I did the online/phone thing as well and it was literally impossible. I was lucky enough to get one ticket to the Lions game in week 3. Granted, not the best team in the league, but a) I am just happy to be in the stadium even if I am by myself and b) as long as he doesn't get hurt before then, it will be cool to see Calvin Johnson playing..that is if I can even see him since I am so high up in the stadium. I'm glad to hear you beat the system and got some tickets. It felt like such a big day in my life!