June 30, 2007

Holcomb to Minny?

QB Trade?

Tarvaris Jackson is going to be a very good player eventually in this league. But with only the underwhelming Brooks Bollinger behind him, don't be surprised if the Vikings go after a veteran quarterback for insurance.

Here's a name for you: Kelly Holcomb.

It's a situation that even intrigued Holcomb when we talked.

"You do think about situations like that," Holcomb said. "Every now and again, you hear some rumblings and rumors about that. I think it makes sense. Coach Childress was a coordinator in Philadelphia. It is the same offense. Obviously the Eagles just drafted Kevin (Kolb) to go with Donovan (McNabb) and AJ (Feeley). I love the guys in Philadelphia and love the professionalism and Andy Reid and the staff and I'd like to stay. But there is a logjam here and that situation you are describing, with the young talented quarterback in Minnesota, is one I've thought about."
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This makes a lot of sense. Minnesota needs a QB bad, and The Eagles have too many quarterbacks. They might as well get something for Kelly. I am liking this connection with Brad Childress, hopefully we can just keep on making good trades with them.

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Anonymous said...

You mean you can keep fleecing the Vikings because Childress is a moron. I hate him, he is the worst coach we have ever had who wasn't named Steckle.