June 15, 2007

Donovan McNabb: 'My Knee Is Fine'

Prior to this week, most Eagles fans didn't expect to see Donovan McNabb take the field for at least another few weeks. We hoped he'd be ready to get into the action during training camp come August. I don't think anyone expected Donovan to participate in four straight days of mini camp activities this week. McNabb, in a press conference held today at the NovaCare complex in South Philadelphia, said that he isn't rushing back.

McNabb has talked with guys who have gone through similar injuries and gone through similar rehabs. From the Eagles website:

McNabb said that he wanted to return to the field prior to the start of training
camp for a number of reasons - to see how the leg would respond and to work on
chemistry and timing with his receivers. He felt that this was "the time to push
it" in terms of his rehab. After the four days of workouts, McNabb said that he
is "past the point" of knowing the knee is healed. He said that he did enough to
gain the trust and confidence in his knee that if he had to run to buy some
additional time he would feel comfortable doing so. Reid was pleased that McNabb
did not favor the leg in any of the workouts.
Donovan points out repeatedly that he's trying "to be smart with the whole deal." Andy Reid said that if Donovan McNabb doesn't experience any setbacks, he should be ready to start the 2007 season as the Eagles quarterback. Reid also noted that in order for McNabb to take the opening snap against the Packers at Lambeau on September 9th, number five will have to see some game action in the pre-season.

The next steps for Donovan and the receivers is the annual workouts in Donovan's home turf in Arizona. Things are looking good for the Birds leader, let's hope things continue in a positive direction.

The Philadelphia Eagles website has a video of the full question and answer session with Donovan McNabb that was held today.

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