June 18, 2007

King disses McNabb

Peter King shows us again why he should really just stop thinking. In his most recent article for SI.com, he ranks all 32 NFL quarterbacks, and ranks Donovan McNabb 12th. Twelve??!!? You gotta be kidding me. How the heck is one of the best QBs ranked 12th? Here is his lame reasoning...

"It's not that I don't like Donovan McNabb. I do. I just don't trust him to
stay healthy. I rank the Eagles' QB 12th because I have no confidence that
McNabb, at 30 and having missed a combined 13 games over the last two years,
will be upright in December."
What an idiot. The only QB's who have not been hurt since McNabb came into the league in 1999, are Peyton Manning, and Brett Favre. Getting injured is a part of the game, and dissing a player for getting hurt is just moronic.

Here is the dopes complete list:

1. P. Manning Ind.
2. T. Brady NE
3. D. Brees NO
4. C. Palmer Cin.
5. M. Bulger St. L
6. M. Hasselbeck Sea.
7. V. Young Tenn
8. P.Rivers SD
9. J. Kitna Det.
10. J. Cutler Den.
11. T. Romo Dall.
12. D. McNabb Phil.
13. S. McNair Bal.
14. B. Favre GB
15. C.Pennington Jets
16. J. Delhomme Car.
17. B. Roethlisberger Pit.
18.M. Leinart Ariz.
19. M. Schaub Hou.
20. J.P. Losman Buf.
21. M. Vick Atl.
22. J. Garcia TB
23. E. Manning Giants
24. T. Green Miami
25. A. Smith SF
26. J. Campbell Wash
27. R. Grossman Chi.
28. B. Leftwich Jax
29. J. McCown Oak.
30. T. Jackson Min.
31. C. Frye Cle.
32. B. Croyle

John Kitna at 9? Last time I checked, all that guy does is throw a ton of interceptions, lose a lot of games, and he has spent most of his career on the bench.

Tony Romo ahead of McNabb? How did he do against the Eagles on Christmas? What about the playoff blunder? I will never forget that moment.

Jay Cutler took a playoff bound team, and flushed their season down the drains. In the most crucial game of the year against the stinkin 49ers, he was terrible. He single handedly knocked them out of the playoffs, and King has him in the top ten.

Matt Schaub has 2 career starts, six career TDs, and six INTs. How does he even deserve to be ranked? That guy is all hype, and the Texans made a major mistake by trading for him.

This is a terrible list. I am now going to rectify things..

1. Peyton Manning Ind.
2. Tom Brady NE
3. Drew Brees NO
4. Carson Palmer Cin.
5. Donovan McNabb* Phi.
6. Phillip Rivers SD
7. Matt Hasslebeck Sea.
8. Marc Bulger Stl.
9. Trent Green Mia.
10. Vince Young Ten.
11. Chad Pennington NYJ
12. Ben Roethlisberger Pit.
13. Tony Romo Dal.
14. Damon Huard KC
15. Matt Leinart Ari.
17. Daunte Culpepper Jax.(after trade)
18. J.P. Losman Buf.
19. Jake Delhomme Car.
20. Alex Smith SF
21. Steve McNair Bal.
22. Jeff Garcia TB
23. Jay Cutler Den.
24. Eli Manning NYG
25. Brett Favre GB
26. Michael Vick Atl.
27. Jason Campbell Was.
28. John Kitna Det.
29. Jamarcus Russell Oak.
30. Rex Grossman Chi.
31. Derek Anderson Cle.
32. Tavarias Jackson Min.


lose brain cells by reading the entire article at SI.com>>

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