April 17, 2007

Titans' Young hopes to avoid 'Madden curse'

By JIM WYATT The Tennessean

Vince Young has survived the so-called "SI cover jinx" - three times to be exact.
Can he escape the "Madden curse?" It looks like everyone will get a chance to find out this fall.

According to his agent, the Tennessee Titans quarterback has been told he'll appear on the cover of "Madden '08," the popular football video game. However, whether it's a coincidence or a curse, recently players have suffered from injury problems during the year they appeared on the cover. Young's agent, Major Adams, said they didn't believe in jinxes.
"People said when they put Vince on the cover of Sports Illustrated, it was going to jinx him in the Rose Bowl game, and (Texas) won the national championship," Adams said. "We don't believe in stuff like that."
Officials from EA Sports wouldn't confirm Young is this year's choice for the cover, which was to be officially announced on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," which airs today at 11 p.m. on ABC.
Seattle Seahawks running back Shaun Alexander was on the cover of "Madden '07," and he broke a bone in his left foot early in the season. The past four cover players have been injured, including Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb, who suffered a sports hernia the season he was on the cover of "Madden '06." Before that, it was Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis (injured wrist) and Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick, who suffered a broken leg during an exhibition game in 2003 when he was on the cover.
"Being on the cover of Madden is such a big honor nowadays; no one ever turns us down because of (the so-called curse), that's for sure," said Chris Erb, director of marketing for EA Sports.
There has been plenty of speculation about who might be on this year's cover, with reigning NFL MVP LaDainian Tomlinson and Super Bowl MVP Peyton Manning considered favorites.
"Everyone wants to be the Madden guy," Erb said. "The issue is the guys that have been on the cover tend to be the guys that are around the football more often, and football is a rough sport. We've had a string of unfortunate incidents, I guess you could say ... but we really don't believe in the jinx."

I didn't beleive in the Madden jinx either, until McNabb got hurt on the first series of the first game of the season. Five has ended the last two seasons on injured reserve,since he was featured on the cover. Good luck Vince. History is against you.


Anonymous said...

no curse, not gonna happen..

Anonymous said...

It took EA 10 players to get to the Rookie of the Year and the curse wont hit him. titans have beaten the curse once theyll do it again.