April 16, 2007

For How Many More Seasons Can Brian Dawkins Play At A Pro Bowl Level?

April 16, 2007 By DAVE SPADARO

Dawkins was as good as he has ever been last year, dominating the final half of the season and proving again that he is one of the best to play the free safety position in the modern era of this league.
There will come a time when Dawkins isn't so good, and that is something the Eagles need to weigh as they ponder the options ahead of them in the draft.
Dawkins has two years remaining on the deal he signed last August and the general rule of thumb is that safeties lose half a step in their coverage skills and that when that happens, they are reduced to mere mortals. Dawkins is a tremendously-conditioned athlete, however, both mentally and physically. He may think he can defy conventional rules and stay at the top for many years to come.
But the Eagles can't wait for that moment to address the position. They know they can move Sean Considine from the strong safety position to fill in for Dawkins, but is Considine the long-term player at the position? Or are the Eagles going to get a youngster ready for two years before the natural ascent to the starting job?
Or do the Eagles wait for another year to see how Dawkins plays in 2007?
It is surely something the Eagles are discussing at this time, as the draft nears. Dawkins is a super-super-super star player. He also has played a long time in this league. Critics watched for signs of decline last year, but Dawkins answered with a brilliant season, one of the best he has had in a Hall of Fame career. Can he do it again this year?


Dawk will always be one of my favorite all time Eagles. I hope he never falls off, but we all know it will happen someday. I think this is a great draft to look for a successor. The Birds definately need to address this position soon, because Brian is turning 34 in October. This draft is loaded with good safety prospects, so look for them to get one on the first day to wait in the wings. Brandon Meriweather at 26 would be awesome. Reggie Nelson, Michael Griffin, Aaron Rouse, Sabby Piscitelli, and John Wendling are some other good possibilites for them to bring aboard. I can't wait until the draft!

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