April 26, 2007

Inside the Iggles Mock

1. Oakland Raiders- WR Calvin Johnson- Georgia Tech
The Raiders pass on two potential franchise qbs, and take the best player in the draft. The Raiders have two very talented WRs on the team already, but both have fallen out of favor with the team. Al Davis will prefer to find a veteran QB to sign after the draft, and just go for the physical freak in Johnson. Daunte Culpepper has been rumored to be an option, if cut by Miami. This pick will change the entire draft, and really piss off the Buccaneers.
2. Detroit Lions- QB Brady Quinn- Notre Dame
With Calvin Johnson gone the Lions ideas of trading this pick are shattered. There have been very poor QBs for a long time in Detroit. John Kitna, and Josh McCown are really just good backups, and neither has much of a future being a starter in the NFL. Convinced he will fit better into his offense than LSU's Jamarcus Russell, Mike Martz lobbies for Matt Millen to take Brady Quinn.
3. Cleveland Browns- QB Jamarcus Russell- LSU
Cleveland is pleasantly surprised that the once consensus number one overall pick, has just fallen into their lap. Cleveland has also had it's fair share of QB troubles in it's brief team history. Adrian Peterson is also an intriguing prospect here, but Romeo Crenell knows the value of having an elite QB is much better than having an elite RB. Charlie Frye is still young, but he has played very poorly in his young NFL career. Jamarcus Russell will bring new life to Cleveland, and give the Browns a franchise QB.
4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- DE Gaines Adams- Clemson
The Bucs are also crushed that Oakland has selected Calvin Johnson. Jon Gruden, must really think that Al Davis wants to stick it to them. They are however very happy that Detroit did not select the best pass rusher in college football this past year in Gaines Adams. After addressing the offensive line last year, the Bucs now need to replenish an aging, once great defense. Almost all of the Bucs DEs are near the end, including their premier DE Simeon Rice. Adams is definitely Tampa Bay's second choice, and he is taken with the 4th pick.
5. Arizona Cardinals- OT Joe Thomas- Wisconsin
A very happy Arizona Cardinals team is thrilled to select Joe Thomas. The consensus franchise left tackle in this years draft, falls to number 5. The Cards will not draft Adrian Peterson, because they just committed a ton of money to Edgerrin James last season. Ken Whisenhunt knows that Arizona's main weakness over the years, has been offensive line, and he will bring in the Steelers philosophy of having a great offensive line. Matt Leinart couldn't be happier.
6. Washington Redskins- DT Amobi Okoye- Louisville
Washington is disappointed that Gaines Adams is gone, but they had somewhat expected that could happen. They are now faced with a tough choice of Laron Landry, and a 19 year old sensation Amobi Okoye. In the end, they choose Okoye, because they have gone DB in the first round two years in a row, and their defense got almost no pass rush last year. The Redskins have really paid very little attention to their defensive line, in the recent past, and when they have, they have made mistakes.(Andre Carter) The only way the Redskins can pressure a QB, is with the blitz. Okoye is desperately needed in D.C., and he brings on big expectations with him.
7. Minnesota Vikings- RB Adrian Peterson- Oklahoma
Calvin Johnson is long gone, Gaines Adams is gone, and both top QBs are gone. Chester Taylor did a decent job last year for the Vikings, but he does not have the break away speed that Adrian Peterson has. The Vikings DE's did not produce very much last year, so Jamaal Anderson is really considered here. Leon Hall could be a bit of a reach here, but CB is also a need. Some think Landry would also be a great pick for the Vikings, but I believe that they are really high on second year S Greg Blue. Probably the 3rd best prospect in the draft is there for the taking, and the Vikings do not let him fall any further.
8. Atlanta Falcons- S Laron Landry- LSU
The Falcons like Washington also have needs at S, and DT. Okoye was the DT Bobby Petrino coveted, but he is gone. They shed no tears, as the best safety in the draft Laron Landry is available, and Rich McKay a great talent evaluator, drafts another stud defensive player. Landry is not just the best safety, some think he could be the best defensive player in the draft. If Adrian Peterson were available, the Falcons would have a very difficult choice, because it appears Warrick Dunn is going to be a possible cap casualty.
9. Miami Dolphins- CB Leon Hall- Michigan
The starting corner backs on the Miami Dolphins as of now, are Will Allen, and Andre Goodman. This position is in desperate need of help, and Leon Hall is there to rescue them. This is probably still a reach at 9, so look for Miami to possibly trade down a few spots. Hall is not the only good CB prospect, Darrelle Revis, and Chris Houston will also available later, and I believe both of them are actually better than Leon Hall. Nick Saban has really left this team in shambles. OT, DT, S, WR, and DE are also some needs for the Dolphins.
10. Houston Texans- DT Alan Branch- Michigan
The Texans pass on Reggie Bush, and Vince Young last year, to draft DE Mario Williams. Then the following year, they replace the starting QB, and RB during free agency. To me the Texans are the most confused team in the NFL. They make one strange decision after another. I wonder what they are thinking with these moves. I am sure that they know, that they still have to find a way to stop Peyton Manning, and the Colts offense. They continue to rebuild a weak defensive line by taking Alan Branch. Branch once considered the clear favorite as the drafts top DT, has now slipped due to the Okoye craze. This might be the only thing the Texans do this off season that makes any sense.
11. San Fransisco 49ers- DE Adam Carriker- Nebraska
In a continuing effort to transform the 49ers into a 3-4 defense, the 49ers take the big Nebraska kid. The 9ers had a spending frenzy in free agency, and have addressed needs at CB, SS, WR, and LB. This very young, and talented offense, is trying to now build a better defense. Bryant Young does not have many years left, and Carriker just makes sense in every way for this team. Good pick for the 49ers.
12. Buffalo Bills- LB Patrick Willis- Ole Miss
The Bills have parted ways with both London Fletcher, and Takeo Spikes. Two big losses at LB. Many have Marshawn Lynch penciled in here, but I don't think so. RB is also a very big need for the Bills after trading Willis McGahee to the Ravens, but Marv Levy believes that there will be other good backs in the second round. In Willis the Bills are getting the best LB in the draft, and he would become an instant starter. Willis solidified his spot here, after an excellent senior bowl, and an awesome combine. I am pretty jealous.
13. St. Louis Rams- DE Jamaal Anderson- Arkansas
The Rams have had one area of their team holding them back from becoming a team that goes deep into the playoffs. That area is their defense. They do not stop the run well at all, and I'm not sure if they even practice tackling. The top 2 DTs are gone, Gaines Adams is long gone, Adam Carriker is gone, and Patrick Willis just got snagged by the Bills. So the Rams go with DE Jamaal Anderson. Some question his heart, and athletic ability. Others seem to think he is a poor mans Julius Peppers. To me I look at him as a boom or bust guy. The Rams better hope he does well, because they really can't afford another defensive lineman bust.
14. Carolina Panthers- S Reggie Nelson- Florida
Mike Minter is the Panthers only veteran safety on the team, and he has said he will retire after this year. The Panthers will most likely have to draft two safeties in this draft, and they start early by getting the "Eraser" from the national champs Florida. Other needs include WR, DE, TE, and LB. With Nelson being the best player on the board, and Jon Fox's believe that defense wins championships, they draft Nelson. Other possibilities, are Greg Olsen, Tedd Ginn, Paul Posluszny, and Robert Meachem.
15. Pittsburg Steelers- CB Darrelle Revis- Pitt
Mike Tomlin knows the Steelers have needs at CB, and LB. He does not have to look far to find his guy. Darrelle Revis is considered by some, to be the best CB in this draft, and he seems like an ideal fit for Tomlin's cover 2 scheme. Even though Pittsburgh will continue to run the 3-4 base defense under D LeBeau, Tomlin has hinted that he plans to convert to his scheme. He has even talked about plans of mixing in a 4-3 at times this year. Revis is a good pick, and Pittsburgh faithfuls will be happy with this.
16. Green Bay Packers- RB Marshawn Lynch- Cal
Buffalo passed on Lynch, but Greenbay does not hesitate to select him. Rb is the Packers number need right now, and Marshawn is an ideal back for the Packers offense. Lynch should excel in the zone blocking scheme, and he is a very capable receiving threat. I really doubt that Packers fans would be happy with Vernand Morency as the starting RB. Lynch makes the most sense here at 16, and the Packers will be very delighted to get a very talented football player.
17. Jacksonville Jaguars- LB Lawrence Timmons- FSU
I have seen a ton of mocks that have the Jags going for a defensive end in the first round. I am not sure why, because last year they got very good production out of that position. I see a void at linebacker with Jacksonville. Nick Greisen is a very weak spot on this defense. Lawrence Timmons is one of the best outside linebackers in this draft, and he will thrive in Jacksonville behind that defensive line. This is a pretty solid team all around, and they could choose to go the best player available route.
18. Cincinatti Bengals- LB Paul Posluszny- Penn State
The Bengals lost a very good linebacker, and a team leader in Brian Simmons. The Bengals defense is what kept them out of the playoffs in 06, and to help fix both of these problems, they turn to linebacker U, and grab Poz. Nittany Lions fans wish him well, and watch him make a huge impact on the Bengals team. Paul is not just a great football player. He is a team leader, a great guy, and high character guy. Marvin Lewis wont get any jail phone calls in the middle of the night from Posluszny.
19. Tennessee Titans- WR Robert Meachcem- Tenn
Vince Young needs weapons, and Meachem will provide him with some speed on the outside. Tedd Ginn is also a real possibility here. Both are blazing fast, but in the end Meachem's production at Tennessee is the deciding factor. Titans could consider Dwayne Bowe from LSU, or Dwayne Jarrett from USC as well. Other positions to consider, are FS, DE, RB, and yes CB now that Pacman is suspended for the season. Think after Pacman, they will consider drafting Brandon Meriweather?
20. New York Giants- OT Levi Brown- Penn State
Most likely Brown will be drafted higher than this, but without predicting trades, I have him falling to 20. The Giants should do back flips if he did slip to them. A devastating run blocker, and very good pass protector, Levi could line up at either left, or right tackle for New York. The Giants also must definately consider an outside linebacker here, as they need two of them. Jon Beason from Miami is a very tempting pick here.
21. Denver Broncos- DE Jarvis Moss- Florida
A very pleased Broncos team, gets their guy. Jarvis Moss will bring what Denver needs. Another pass rusher. The entire Browns defensive line was not good enough, and Denver never really replaced Trevor Pryce after he left for the Ravens. Other team needs are DT, LB, S, WR, and OT. Joe Staley, Justin Harrell, both Dwaynes, and Brandon Meriweather could be good options.
22. Dallas Cowboys- WR Dwayne Jarrett- USC
Dallas has not used a first round pick on offense since 1997, when they selected LSU tight end David LaFleur. Ten years later, I think they finally go offense again. Dwayne Jarrett's draft status has really dropped, do to a slow 40 time, and the inevitable comparisons to Mike Williams. I think this is a big mistake, because he had an outstanding college career. A big physical receiver, with great hands, and just a natural football player. the slow time may have scared off a lot of teams, but Dallas will gladly bring Jarrett to Big D. This will give the Cowboys youth at WR, which they need, and a TO replacement.
23. Kansas City Chiefs- WR Tedd Ginn- Ohio State
Kansas City has already prepared for this pick, by trading Dante Hall to the rams. Ginn is an electric returner, and teams are putting a higher premium on returners, after seeing the huge impact of Devin Hester. Ginn is an unpolished wr, but with some good NFL coaching, and Kansas City's high powered offense, he should be able to develop very well. KC also has some major offensive line issues, and do not be surprised if they go after Joe Staley, or Benn Grubbs here. Don't believe the LJ rumors. They wont let him go anywhere.
24. New England Patriots- CB Chris Houston- Arkansas
The Patriots make yet another great move, and draft my top rated CB in the draft. Houston is very tough, smart, agresive, and very athletic. Houston declared for the draft early after having an excellent junior season. He really justified that with his amazing combine performance. This off season has been very unpatriot like, as they have made a lot of moves for big time players, when they have been known to wait for value signings later in June, and August. Houston is a stud, and somehow the NFL lets the Patriots end up with him.
25. New York Jets- LB Anthony Spencer- Purdue
Considered a "tweener", Spencer seems like a perfect fit at OLB in a 3-4 D. Eric Mangini wants to get the right personelfor his 3-4 defense, and Spencer will be the edge rushing linebacker he is looking for. I've heard Spencer comparisons from Trent Cole, to Dwight Freeney. I think he is somewhere in the middle of those two talent wise. Jets fans are just glad they did not draft another tight end. I am sure they will boo the pick anyways.
26. Philadelphia Eagles- S Brandon Meriweather- Miami(Fla)
Meet Brian Dawkins successor. Brandon Meriweather is an all around complete free safety. He is a vicious hitter, excellent in run support, skilled enough to play nickle, and fast enough to even play corner. Dawk is gonna be 34 this year, and he will drop off soon. Considine did play safety in college, but i believe the Eagles like him at SS. I don't see why they would even convert him to SS, if they did not plan to keep him there. Heckert has publicly stated that he loves Considine where he is, and that he felt Brandon Meriweather was not really that bad of a guy. Meriweather's biggest knock, is that he has some serious character concerns, and the Eagles have typically avoided these under Andy Reid. Knowing how well the Eagles do homework on players, I beleive they are pretty good are telling the bad seeds apart from the good ones. Meriweather made some dumb mistakes as a young adult, and he has learned from that. i do not see him being the next Pacman, Chris Henry, or Maurice Clarrett. I also do not see the Eagles wanting Michael Griffin. He reminds me too much of Michael Lewis, and I don't even consider him a first round talent. WR is NOT a need. CB could be chosen here. Anthony Spencer would be an option, if he were to fall. Ben Grubbs could be a possibility, and could they possibly go linebacker? Don't count on it. Meriweather seems like the most logical choice.
27. New Orleans Saints- TE Greg Olsen- Miami(Fla)
The Saints have quietly filled a lot of their team needs this off season. They re-signed DT Hollis Thomas. They signed free agents LB Brian Simmons, S Kevin Kaesviharn, CB Jason David, and K Olindo Mare. They did lose veteran WR Joe Horn, but rookie sensation Marques Colston will be fine there. The Saints had the number one offense in the NFL last year, and now they get this drafts best tight end, to make it even better. Olsen should probably go higher than this, but not many teams are looking for a first round tight end, and hiring Drew Rosenhaus as your agent always hurts your draft stock. Dwayne Bowe, and Aaron Ross should also be considered.
28. New England Patriots- S Michael Griffin- Texas
The Pats look to find a young safety to replace Rodney Harrison. Their secondary has been riddled with injuries, and very thing over the past few seasons. Using both firsts on the secondary is a plan to solidify them in this area. Even though I feel Griffin is not worth a first round pick, the Pats have shown in the past, that they are not afraid of "reaching" for a player that they really want. After Griffin the safety class takes a considerable drop. Inside linebacker is also a need. Look for David Harris as a possibility.
29. Baltimore Ravens- OT Joe Staley- Central Michigan
Baltimore's offensive line has a few questions this year. One question that seems to already be answered, is that this will be pro bowl left tackle Johnathan Ogden's last NFL season. The Ravens are definetely going to look for somebody to draft, to fill that hole. Staley is a former tight end, who has bulked up, and moves very well for a tackle. An excellent prospect, the Ravens get great value at 29. Other needs include G, C, QB, and LB. Anthony Spencer, Ryan Kalil, Benn Grubbs, and Justin Blaylock are some other names to look for here.
30. San Diego- WR Dwayne Bowe- LSU
San Diego is one of the most complete teams in the NFL. They could probably just draft by best player available. If they had a need, the main one would be receiver. Keenan McCardel was released, and now a new number one WR is needed. Vincent Jackson started to show some promise last year, and he looks like he will be a good one. The problem after him there is not much of anything good at the position. Eric parker is the next best WR they have. He has decent speed, but puts up very average production. Dwayne Bowe is another big target for talented young QB Phillip Rivers to throw too, and with Bowe in the mox, it will be near impossible to stop the chargers in the redzone. What can you defend? Gates, Jackson, Bowe, or LT? How did Norv Turner land this job?
31. Chicago Bears- LB Jon Beason- Miami(Fla)
The Bears could use an outside linebacker. They best one available at 20, with Beason. Beason is a great athlete, and could start right away for Chicago. I think he will actually end up being a better pro than Paul Posluszny. Recently Miami has a very good history of producing top NFL line backers, and I think the trend continues with Beason. Also look for TE, G, and DT here. Lance Briggs trade on draft day?
32. Indianapolis Colts- CB Aaron Ross
The super Bowl Champs, have lost CBs Nick Harper, and Jason David to free agency. They will be looking for the best CB available here, and Ross is their man. Ross had a very good career at Texas, but slips because he will be turning 24 in September which is very old for a rookie. He also has problems with off man coverage, and gets turned around pretty easily. Colts could also look at CB Marcus McCauley, DT Justin Harrell, and LB Jon Beason.

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