April 16, 2007

Schedule is Finally Released!!

I know I am a little late on this one, but I just got this site started, so I am gonna post this anyways. Here is the Eagles 2007 regular season schedule.
I really like the begining, but It gets a lot tougher down the strecth. Im going to quickly do what everybody does when the schedule comes out. I'm going to accurately predict the Eagles record for the entire season, game by game.

@Greenbay W 1-0
Washington W 2-0
Detroit W 3-0
Giants W 4-0
@Jets L 4-1
Chicago W 5-1
@Minnesota W 6-1
Dallas W 7-1
@Washington W 8-1
Miami W 9-1
@New England L 9-2
Seattle L 9-3
Giants W 10-3
@Dallas L 10-4
@New Orleans L 10-5
Buffalo W 11-5
There you have it folks. I got the Birds at 11-5 this year! After week one, the Eagles dont step foot on a plane for seven weeks! I really like that. This is a pretty good schedule, and I have a feeling this will be a good season.

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