September 01, 2007

Eagles Deny Cuts

Apparently Dave Spadaro accidentley released the cuts list yesterday. Now the Eagles are in denial mode. Here is an excerpt from the Express Times:

However, for a brief time on Friday, a cut list had been posted on the
portion of their Web site where fans can access news with their mobile

Among the names on the list were kick and punt returner Jeremy Bloom,
defensive tackle Ian Scott and punter Dirk Johnson.

The rest were as follows: RB Nate Ilaoa, FB Jason Davis, FB Jeremy Cain,
WR J.J. Outlaw, WR Michael Gasperson, WR Zac Collie, TE Lee Vickers, T Jonathan
Palmer, C Jasper Harvey, G Jacob Hobbs, T Pat McCoy, DE Marques Murrell, DT
Mauricio Lopez, LB Akeem Jordan, LB Dedrick Roper, CB Dustin Fox, CB Nick
Graham, S Erick Harris and S Marcus Paschal.

A team spokesman denied the list was 100 percent accurate and said it was
posted in error before quickly being pulled.

>>Express Times

We will find out today, if the list was accurate or not. No matter what Spuds goofed big time. The list seems real to me, and that is why I left it up. If there are any changes, then I will make the changes.

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