September 26, 2007

Young Birds Making Names For Themselves

Trent Cole and Brodrick Bunkley have stepped forward on the Eagles defensive line with their play and they're developing reputations around the league. While they're stepping forward, veteran Jevon Kearse is stepping back.

The play of Brodrick Bunkley has been nothing short of outstanding all season. Bunkely has put away his joy stick, he’s one of the best Madden players on the team. Last year some of the guys thought he was more interested in the Madden game than the real one he was supposed to be playing.

Brodrick with the help of fellow defensive tackle, Mike Patterson who is mature beyond his years, has been focused on football and doing his job. There’s very little kidding around for Bunkley this year. He has beeen able to get consistent penetration against the run and pressure in the face of quarterbacks versus the pass. The key has been his focus. Now Bunkley is showing the quickness, power and explosiveness, which everybody saw at Florida State when he came out of school.

This big meat head is going to be a major help to the Eagles defensive backs and linebackers all year long. The importance of pressure in the face of the quarterback can’t be overemphasized. As I have written many times, penetration in the middle of an offensive line, makes both passing and running impossible.

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1 comment:

sixersshawn said...

I could not agree more about the play of the lines. Cole is really good, and Juqua Thomas makes plays when he is on the field. He is going to move ahead of Jevon in the rotation.
Bunkley and Patterson are making the Birds brass look smart right now. I just hope they can keep it up for the length of the season.