May 18, 2007

Linc: terrorists target

Alleged Fort Dix Terrorists Considered Army - Navy Game Attack

by Brian Grummell

Alleged homegrown jihadis arrested more than a week ago considered the Army-Navy football game - one of college football's biggest rivalries - a possible target for attack.

Court papers said one of the arrested, in a monitored phone conversation, rued a missed opportunity to strike at the Army-Navy football game at Lincoln Financial Field, only a few miles from the site of Wednesday's meeting."

Hopefully they decided it's too hard of a target so we're not going to try it," said Leonard Bonacci, director of event services for the Philadelphia Eagles and who helps oversee security at the stadium.

Fortunately the appropriate authorities were alerted to the plotters before they staged their eventual planned attack on a New Jersey military base. News like this is a reminder that we live in an unsafe world and hopefully authorities can continue to provide appropriate security at college football games and all sporting events to deter such horrible events from ever happening.

Thank God these wackos were caught. What's this world coming to? As if things are not bad enough here, now pople have to think about a terrorist attack? Can't even watch a ball game without fear. It's just very sad to hear. I hope they lock these knuckleheads up for a long time.

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