October 29, 2007

Matt McCoy Cut

The Eagles cut backup linebacker Matt McCoy today. The second round pick from San Diego State has largely been a huge bust. He was deactivated for almost his entire rookie season, and played poorly as a starter last season.

The Eagles felt the need to replace him in the off season, by trading for Takeo Spikes. Spikes has played well, and McCoy had been designated to special teams. McCoy has a bonehead personal foul penalty for hitting the Minnesota punter in the back. The play took the Eagles out of Minnesota territory, and infuriated Brian Dawkins on the sidelines. Apparently this mistake was stupid enough for Andy Reid to kick him off the team.

Akeem Jordan was signed off the practice squad to take McCoy's spot on the roster.

This move means a few things to me. First I think that the Eagles are confident in the play of Takeo Spikes. He has a team option next year, and I believe the Eagles will pick that up.

The other thing this does, is send a clear message to the rest of the team. No more stupid mistakes. Bonehead plays like that are part of the reason the Birds are 3-4.

You can't shoot yourself in the foot constantly, and expect to win. Reid made an example out of McCoy. I think it should let everybody know that you either play the right way or you will be gone. It does not even matter if you were a high draft pick.

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Charles said...

I'm a fan of the game rookie. I will compete with my friends at this year's rookie season. One of the favorite rookie players is the Eagles, but unfortunately I was not able to see first hand he played.